Friday, 10 October 2014

Rogue Trader Void Mistress (W40K)

Over the past couple of weeks I've been carefully painting figures for my long-running aim of running an 'Inquisimunda' campaign.  I'm finally starting to finish some of my figures, & though they aren't as impressive as the many truly inspiring Inquisimunda conversions & paint-jobs out there on the internet, I'm pleased with the results.  Here is Jhansi Lakhshimir, self-styled Void Mistress, a Rogue Trader & captain of the ship that carries Inquisitor Augustus Dissero Isiah & his retinue of agents on their shadowy quests.

The figure is another excellent sculpt from Hasslefree Miniatures - 'Andreah'. My inspiration for her was both trying to capture a feeling of 'Jamaican pirate' & also Captain Nemo's daughter Janni Dakkar from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novels.  I'm most pleased with the skin tones that I managed to achieve, though the highlighting on her (mesh-armour-lined) greatcoat could be better - I may tidy this up a bit.  Lakhshimir is armed with an assault carbine, custom-made by a master workshop of House Van Saar on Necromunda; & a C'tan phase sword, an incalulably ancient artifact, originally discovered on some long-forgotten tomb world.  Lakhshimir stole the xenos weapon from the treasure horde of the Eldar corsair Prince Lii'Alurei.


  1. That is simply stunning. I love the inside lining red work you've done and the gold on the coat and hair etc. Really nice stuff. Love the thought you're putting into the characters too. Haven't seen your blog before but I'll be following from now on and clearly have a heap of older posts to go through. looking forward to the next posting :-)

    1. Thanks, Blaxkleric, though I think my painting on the coat is a bit messy :-s

      Yeah, I think it's nice to have a bit of back-story for character models.