Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Atmosphere processor

I've been working on quite a few wargaming bits this spring, but haven't finished much of it yet, hence the lack of posts recently.  However, today I finished this piece of scenery for Necromunda / 'Inquisimunda' - an atmosphere processor; or maybe a large water still for Underhive gangs to fight over?  This is a 3-piece resin model from Fenris Games.  It's chunky & durable, with great detailing.  The sections only needed minimal filing to remove some air bubble bumps to allow them to stack neatly.  [Top tip for those new to resin pieces: a quick wash in soapy water removes residue left over from the casting, which will improve the adherence of the paint].

I mounted it on a disposable 'raft' left over from a 3D-print job, which I think makes for an excellent metal grille effect.  I'm considering strengthening this base with a card disc underneath too, as the raft is slightly brittle.  A couple small pieces of rubble were added to tie the piece in with the rest of my ruined Underhive terrain, but I painted this atmopshere processor in a slightly better state of repair than my usual corroded & rusty scenery.

It had been a while since I'd tried painting the classic 'gem' effect on a miniature, but I'm really pleased how the indicator lights turned out on this - I think they help bring the machinery to life ( +++ALL HAIL THE OMNISSIAH+++ ).

Monday, 9 April 2018

Battle for the town hall

Here is a brief summary of mine & Tim's 2nd Crossfire game from the weekend.  In this, another Meeting Engagement set in 1982 Lebanon, we switched sides, so that I was the Syrians, & Tim the Israelis.  We also played the board in the opposite axis for some variety without having to rearrange the scenery.

As in the first game, the Syrians were able to begin advancing just prior to the IDF, due to the particular deployment rules of this scenario favouring smaller forces.  My Syrian regulars moved through a patch of woodland to occupy the objective - the town hall on one side of the board; whilst my AT commandos advanced through nearby ruins, taking up forward defensive positions amongst the barricades in front of the hall, & at the crossroads in the centre of the board, bristling with ATGMs & RPGs to strike any IDF armour that might reveal itself.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Battle for the crossroads

This Saturday, my friend Tim & I finally got some more Crossfire gaming in.  The setting was Lebanon, 1982.  Our first battle was the basic Meeting Engagement from the rulebook, which saw Tim as the Syrians - with a platoon of regulars & a platoon of 'hunter-killer' AT commandos; & me as the invading Israelis, with a platoon of Golani regulars, & a platoon of Sayeret Golani veterans. We also each had a single piece of self-propelled AA as armoured support.  This was the largest game we had played so far.  The objective was to take & hold the designated objective for five consecutive Initiative Phases (or kill/capture two thirds of the enemy units).

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Gas fungi

This week I painted some more flora from the Outlanders bestiary for my Necromunda / Inquisimunda collection - gas fungi.  There are many varieties of fungus growing in the dank, dark Underhive, & most of them are harmless.  These are harvested for food, especially by scavvies, mutants, & outlaws living in the waste zones beyond even the ramshackle settlements.  However, some Necromunda fungi have evolved to become capable of protecting themselves via the release of mycotoxins.  One gas fungus is known as the 'dream-spore', which looks like a multi-coloured ball of fluff & causes hallucinogenic waking-dreams - the victims of which often stumble into one of the myriad horrors of the Underhive.  In rules terms, moving through a patch of gas fungi risks releasing one of three types of gas (using the special grenades rules for Hallucinogen, Choke, & Scare).

These small patches are based as per my usual urban rubble recipe, on laser-cut ply discs from Fenris Games, from where I also purchased the resin mushrooms.  I'm planning to make a larger area of gas fungi, using a CD for a base.

These patches of fungi could also be used to represent harmless varieties to be harvested/protected... or maybe even unhatched Ork/Gretchin spores to be purged!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

More wire weed

Following-on from the large patch of wire weed that I made, here are several smaller patches for variety.  These will be useful for obstacles on Underhive gantries & ledges as well as at ground-level.  They are mounted on laser-cut ply discs from Fenris Games, but otherwise made in the same way.  I also had a couple pieces of toy barbed wire fence left over, so I based them on a lolly stick to make a broken section of fence, which could be useful to mark where figures have cut or destroyed a section of fencing during games.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Chem tower

This week I finished a scratch-built 'chem tower' for Necromunda / Inquisimunda.  This was a simple build based on an old CD, & using a Pringles tube for the central tank.  I added a pipe using a little aquarium chemical bottle & a couple sections from the useful Mantic Games Industrial Pipeline kit.  I also added some platforms & support beams using 3mm foamboard, with detail using cereal pack card, washers, & slices of cylindrical sprue for large bolts. The grille on top is a 'raft' left-over from a 3D-printing job.  I then added a bit of texture using coarse paint thickener, & a few bits of debris here & there, with sand for grit.

Only a quick & dirty dry-brushed paint job, with plenty of messy washes, & then a bit more work to suggest corrosion & rust here-&-there.  The freehand detail for the hazard stripes took the most time painting-wise, but I am happy with the finishing touch that they lend. Good enough for tabletop gaming though, I think. On the right is a photo of the chem tower before I spray-painted it with a black undercoat  >

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Barbed wire fences & wire weed

This weekend I finished modelling some fences & a large patch of wire weed for Necromunda / Inquisimunda.  The barbed wire fences were made from four lengths of fencing that I kept from my childhood - they originally came with a packet of cheap plastic WW2 soldiers.  I sliced one section into three pieces to extend the others to fit onto large lolly stick bases, which I textured with coarse paint thickener, & added various bits of sprue, washers, & resin flagstones, before flocking using sand.  I'll treat these as obstacles that provide no cover, but cannot be crossed without cutting equipment (or jump packs).

Bio-wire is an extremely nasty defence originally engineered by the Adeptus Mechanicus biologis. When its razor-like brambles tear clothing or flesh, it secretes a highly corrosive acid.  In the Underhives of Necromundan cities, uncontrolled bio-wire that has gone feral is commonly known as wire weed.  I've always thought that the description of wire weed in the Outlanders supplement was an obvious reference to the more garish hues of modelling lichen that you can buy.  & I've finally got round to making a patch of it.  After creating a base on an old CD using my usual urban rubble technique, I simply glued clumps & sprigs of lurid green & orange lichen on using PVA.  I'll be making more patches of wire weed in various sizes.

After the break is a photo of the wire weed base before I added the lichen 'wire weed', which also shows how the rubble looks different under various lighting:

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Young lady

Here is a little post to prove that I haven't abandoned this blog! A young lady for Osprey's Ronin skirmish game.  I had very little free time over the Christmas period to finish wargames stuff, although I have been building some more Necromunda Underhive creatures, as well as two buntai (bands/groups) for Late Edo era Ronin - a dastardly Yakuza gang, & a noble Koryu (sword school).  If you've ever seen a Zatoichi film, you'll know what I am aiming for with my Yakuza gang - lots of katana-fodder...

Anyway, this figure is my test piece for the civilians.  She is from Hasslefree Miniatures, & marketed as 'Mineko'.  She could be a serving girl at an inn, or perhaps a geisha or brothel worker.  Or maybe the daughter of a samurai (perhaps the Yakuza might foolishly try kidnapping her for ransom).  Fairly pleased with the overall look & simple patterning on the kimono & obi, considering that the figure is less than 3cm tall.  The basing is a mix of Gale Force Nine flocks, & Gamer's Grass tufts & flowers.

Plenty more Ronin stuff to follow!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Pile of rubble 3

Continuing with Necromunda, here is another scratch-built terrain piece... rubble pile 3!  As with my other recent builds, this is mounted on an old CD (topped with a disc of thing card to make it easier to paint/texture).  The mound of rubble began as lumps of polystyrene with broken bits of laser-cut MDF sprue jammed in.  This was textured with coarse paint thickener to disguise the polystyrene, & various other detritus was added (bits of drinking straw, cocktail sticks, washers, a pen tip, plastic 'flagstones', a bulkhead corner etc.)  Then a layer of sand was glued on using watered-down PVA.  Then a quick & messy paint job with basic drybrushing, followed by a little more care on the rusty metal spars.  I painted the large pipe as if it leads down to a lower level of the Underhive - could be a neat feature when using 'Tunnels' in the rules.  Or as the entrance to some nasty critter's nest...