Tuesday, 25 August 2020

More snakes

This week I painted a few more bases of snakes for Warhammer Quest.  These figures are from Black Cat Bases, who have a wide range of esoteric miniatures at sensible prices.  Added to the two bases of snakes from the GW Lizardmen Cold One riders sprue that I painted a while back, that's five bases of snakes.  I think I'll add one more of the coiled snake on my next Black Cat Bases order, for a nice even 'D6' snakes encounter.

Apologies for the unformatted tall column of photos, but Blogger appears to have been 'upgraded' to remove the tools for wrapping text around & aligning images :-/

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Two more rickety fences

Finished a couple more lengths of rickety fence for Ronin & Chain of Command games.  These are laser-cut ply pieces from Fenris Games, glued to large hobby lolly sticks.  The basing uses various Gale Force Nine flocks & Gamers Grass tufts.  Pictured with a pair of my Japanese peasants for scale.  I have plenty of these rural fences now.  Time to work on my more substantial Japanese walls & Sarissa Precision buildings next.

Monday, 17 August 2020

T'au Fire Warrior

I recently dusted-off an old Fire Warrior that had been languishing with the rest of my half-finished T'au collection in the attic, & painted it.  Right from the start of collecting T'au back in the early 2000s, I was certain that I wanted a turquoise-armoured force (I loved the turquoise skies from the box art of the desert-coloured T'au), but with my more limited painting skills back then, my models always ended up looking toy-like instead of grimdark.

Granted, T'au are one of the slightly less grimdark factions in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, but I want mine looking gritty.  I think I've finally achieved it, by keeping a limited palette based around GW Hawk Turquoise, mixed to varying degrees with black & grey.

I really like the muted tones that have resulted, which I think strikes a balance between 'popping' visually on the tabletop, but also being plausible as an urban scheme (I have previously attempted various urban camo & even Berlin Brigade-style block-camo on T'au, but couldn't make it work).

I think I'd go so far as to say this may be the best Warhammer 40,000 figure painting I've ever done - it's certainly not up there with the incredible work seen on many other blogs & in White Dwarf, but I'm really happy with it - I even tried zenithal highlighting for the first time.

I'm planning to try out the Black Ops rules with a few T'au & Imperial Guard miniatures at some point.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Amaxon Priestesses

This week I finished painting another Amaxon Priestess for my Lustrian Warhammer Quest collection.  I based this model on the Hasslefree Miniatures Azura Halfblood, pinning a pair of large feathers from the Games Workshop Greatswords sprue to her head, hiding her Elven ears with a pair of helmet wings (also from Hasslefree), & using Green Stuff to model a head band & top to cover her bare chest.  I think the helmet wings hint nicely at one origin story for the Amaxons of Warhammer - that they are the sole survivors of a Norse expedition of which all the men died in the jungles of Lustria, while the women created their own culture among the ruins of the Old Ones.

I'll use this figure to represent a High Priestess (worth 1900 gold) or Priestess Queen (worth 2400 gold).  Since converting this miniature, Hasslefree have released this off-the-shelf tropical sorceress, which I think I'll have to buy to represent a mid-rank Priestess Champion (1000 gold).

Pictured here is my finished High Priestess, along with the Serpent Priestess (590 gold) that I painted a few months ago.  I decided to add green warpaint to them in the end, to complete the tribal look.  In the lore, Amaxon motivation can appear fickle to outsiders, so in Warhammer Quest games, I'm thinking of having it random whether encountered Amaxons attack or aid t he players' adventuring Warriors; & they may help slay evil foes first, before then attacking the Warriors.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020


Things have been very busy for me this summer, but I have managed to complete a few small miniatures pieces, including this Terradon for my long-running Lustrian Warhammer Quest collection.  The model is an old Jurassic Park juvenile pteranodon toy (I think it came with the Dr. Alan Grant figure), which was block-coloured in grey & blue, & emblazoned with the JP logo, but which I have repainted with a more interesting scheme - natural jungle camouflage from above, & sky-blue from below, with an orange crest for display (which also mimics my red-crested Lizardmen to a certain degree).  I drilled a hole in its rib cage for the flying stem.

The base was my usual jungle recipe, with snippets of plastic aquarium plants.  I used a spare Battlefleet Gothic transparent flight stem for the illusion of flight.  I drilled a hole in its rib cage for the flying stem.  I left the Terradon unglued from the stem, for safer storage/transport, & also so that the flying base could be used for other aerial creatures if necessary.

Really pleased with how this turned out - saved buying an expensive official Games Workshop Terradon miniature!

At 400 gold for slaying (the same as an Ogre), a Terradon is an early level challenge for the adventuring Warriors.  For comparison, a basic Orc is worth 55g, a basic Lizardman Saurus is 150g, & a Lizardman Kroxigor is 750g.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

More jungle scenery

Frances & I made a couple more bases of jungle scenery for the Lustria collection.  Hers is on the left, mine is on the right.  We have plenty of these CD-sized jungle bases now, so it's time to work on some pieces of ruined Lizardman temple/statuary, some spawning pools, & maybe some large rainforest tree trunks...

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Sacred orchid

I completed another piece of scenery for my Lustria collection recently.  It's another piece of large scatter terrain, based on an old CD - the same recipe as these previous ones. 

I started with the idea of an ancient flagstone path leading into the jungle, but ending mysteriously amidst the foliage, but as I was fitting the jungle plants, I decided to have the path lead to a sacred orchid, perhaps greatly valued by the Amaxon tribeswomen of Lustria (maybe it has significance in their rumoured immortality?)

I used some of the techniques for smaller plants that I picked up from Frances's jungle base - they really help layer & enhance the scenery!

Monday, 11 May 2020

Unaligned Daemon

This weekend I finished painting this scratch-built Daemon that I put together a while ago.  It's a Daemon of Chaos Undivided - unaligned to any specific Chaos god, or perhaps aligned to a more minor deity.  The 'internal fire' colour scheme is nicked from a great set of Daemons that I stumbled upon online, where the painter had been collecting the official Games Workshop figures for the four Chaos powers, but painting them all with ash-black flesh & lava or fire from within their mouths & eyes etc.  Unfortunately I've been unable to find the post again, so can't credit or link to my inspiration.

I constructed this miniature from various spare bits, including an old metal Tyranid hormagaunt scythe-arm, Beastman horns, a Lizardman leg, a Warhammer zombie scythe & torso, Kroot legs, a Ork head, & plenty of Green Stuff putty.

It's very tall compared to Human-sized figures (pin-mounted on a Ø32mm base), & I think it's suitably creepy-looking.  I'll be using it in my long-planned adventure-skirmish Inquisition games (set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, either using the original expanded Necromunda rules, or a different set of rules, possibly a modification of Osprey Wargames Black Ops).

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Small Chaos spawn

Yesterday I painted this small Chaos spawn.  It's a very gribbly miniature from Black Cat Bases, mounted on a Games Workshop Ø32mm base.  Puts me in mind of John Carpenter's 'The Thing'.  It's a pulp of entrails being re-shaped by evil, writhing with newly-grown appendages, eyeballs, & toothy maws!  I've based it for my Underhive / ruined urban W40K setting.

Black Cat Bases have some wonderfully esoteric (& affordable!) miniatures, especially in their 'Cthulu' ranges.  I had in mind all four Chaos gods when painting this spawn - as if the unfortunate Human who is being reformed by a Daemonic entity is ever-shifting, caught between the different aspects of Chaos.  I finished the miniature with a coat of gloss varnish, to emphasize it's gory, disgusting nature.