Monday, 28 March 2016

Tall brick walls

This week I painted & based some tall brick walls for 28mm-scale Russian Civil War.  These are resin castings from Fenris Games, & they have incredible detail/texture.  If I was being really picky I'd say the individual bricks are fractionally too small for 28mm scale, but you wouldn't notice unless you compared a figure to the walls closely.  The cap tiles are an optional second piece.  The 'snow' is ready-mix filler & Gale Force Nine Snow flock, & I mounted the walls on large lolly sticks (bought from a craft store).  I snapped one section of wall to create a piece that has been blasted through by a field gun.  The paint scheme was inspired by the strong red bricks & colourful tiles that I have seen in photos of impressive Russian buildings.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Russian Civil War characters

I painted a few figures for my 28mm-scale Russian Civil War collection this week.  Here is Katya & Semyon, both from the Artizan Designs 'Thrilling Tales' range.  Their poses are old-school & quite static, but nicely detailed nonetheless.  I see Katya as a 'White' - perhaps the daughter of an aristocrat who has lost his property & power in the revolution; whilst Semyon looks like a no-nonsense Bolshevik hard man to me.  Katya could be used as a White partisan leader or even a VIP... (I'm considering adding a pistol holster to her belt using Green Stuff, as she is sculpted unarmed, but the 'bandolier' pockets of her coat suggest that she knows how to use a gun).  Semyon could be a Red partisan leader or Red Army NCO I think.

I'm very pleased with how the tones came out on Semyon, especially his quilted jacket, but I'm not entirely happy with my painting of Katya - I think her coat needs some darker grey shading in the recesses, & I'm not entirely convinced that her 'imperial purple' hair ribbon fits the overall scheme.  Maybe it will work once her coat has some darker shading, or perhaps the ribbon should simply be black.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Ruined building 2

I stuck with 28mm-scale Russian Civil War this weekend - here is my 2nd ruined building for this collection.  This is a pre-made, pre-painted wargaming ruin (I can't remember the manufacturer) that I bought quite a few years ago.  The painting is basic but effective, & all I have done is add snow cover using ready-mix filler from a tube, painted white & then flocked using Gale Force Nine snow.  Like the first RCW ruin that I added snow to, this one has a removable floor area for figure placement in the less damaged section.

Sunday, 13 March 2016


I made these 28mm-scale fences a few years ago out of BBQ skewers & matchsticks, mounted on strips of plywood.  This weekend I rebased them for my revised winter-themed Russian Civil War project. This involved scraping-off as much of the static grass as possible, & then texturing the bases & upper-surfaces of the fences with paint thickener (readymix filler from a tube).  I then painted these areas bright white, before flocking with Gale Force Nine Snow.  I took the opportunity to add a few stones to the bases too.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Fourth game of Crossfire

Following on from my last post, here's a brief AAR on my fourth game of Crossfire, against my friend Tim.  Setting was the same (IDF platoon clearing a Lebanese town of Syrian commandos), but we switched forces (Tim playing the IDF role), & used different sides of the board from the previous game.  I deployed my commandos Hidden in 2 groups, one on each flank in the buildings that appeared to offer the widest avenues of fire.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Third game of Crossfire

My friend Tim & I played some more 'Lebanon 1982' Crossfire last weekend, & enjoyed it even more than first time.  Same terrain but different layout, with a very built-up central area this time. For our third game, I took on the role of an IDF mechanised infantry platoon trying to clear a town of Syrian commandos.  The mission was 'Bridgehead' from the main rulebook again, but this time we allowed the defenders to deploy Hidden.  Ofiicially the defenders should receive some free defences (e.g. a bunker, wire, & mines), but as I haven't modelled these yet, & Hidden deployment is quite advantageous, we left these out.