Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Rogue Trader First Mate (W40K)

Here's the Rogue Trader Captain that I painted a while ago, next to his new First Mate.  As a typical Rogue Trader exploring in the uncharted wilds of the Imperium, this captain clearly plays fast & lose with Imperial law - colluding with xenos to the point of having one as his chief officer!  The First Mate is called Gnur-ak, & joined the Rogue Trader crew from a previously undiscovered world in Wild Space near the Cassiene Sector in the Ultima Segmentum, where his species is just entering its first industrial age.  The Captain & his landing party were saved from some 'local trouble' by Gnur-ak, & he escaped with them.  His weapon of choice is the blunderbuss that he brought with him to the stars - perfect for dealing with boarders.

I am considering painting horizontal pupils onto Gnur-ak, but I'm not sure whether his eyes look better as they are.  Any suggestions welcome!  Both miniatures are from Hasslefree - 'Privateer Godwin' & 'Officer Stalks'.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Champions of Slaanesh (W40K)

Just finished painting a pair of Champions of Slaanesh as foes for my Inquisition force.  As one of these miniatures features nudity, & is therefore 'not suitable for work' etc, the photos are hidden behind the jump break below.  Background-wise, these women have dedicated themselves to to Slaanesh, the Chaos god of pleasure, perfection, & excess.  In return for their ruthless devotion to the Dark Prince(/ss), they have been gifted with their vision of physical & martial perfection, as well as extended youth.  Both wield daemon weapons in which reside minor but malevolent Warp entities.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sanctioned psyker (W40K)

This week I finished painting Mortimer Verin, a sanctioned psyker for my inquistorial agent collection.  Verin is ex-Cassiene XXIX Imperial Guard, picked for his steadfastness & reliability on the battlefield.  Once his high-resistance to Warp influence was confirmed, Inquisitor Lord Augustus Dissero Isiah took him into his service.  Verin's speciality is in harnessing offensive & destructive energies of the Warp in a controlled manner, though he is also capable of casting protective wards & other esoteric powers.  Though the rigours of Warpcraft have begun to degrade his body, Verin is still relatively young, & so is still physically capable in combat situations.  He wears an Aegis hood to protect him against psychic attacks, & carries a laspistol for emergencies.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Bloodletter (W40K)

As well as the cherubim, this weekend I repainted an old Citadel Bloodletter figure.  Whilst I prefer the more feral & dynamic modern Bloodletter sculpts, this miniature does have a lot of old-school charm, as well as being one of the first miniatures I ever bought, back in the day.  It never got beyond a basic colour-scheme, but here it is finally looking suitably hellish, complete with my amateur attempts at light-sourcing - I think the slight glow of the hellblade & the daemon's body itself lend a bit of an otherworldy feel at least.  This single Bloodletter will be useful as a nasty foe in 'Inquisimunda', or even in special Necromunda scenarios (daemons were detailed in the original Outlanders supplement).

This miniature always reminds me of Ridley Scott's visually stunning Legend (1985).

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cherubim familiar (W40K)

This weekend I painted up a cherubim familiar for my inquisitor, Augustus Dissero Isiah.  In Warhammer 40,000, cherubim are artificial constructs used by high-ranking Imperials (usually Inquisition) to increase their awareness, access cogitators using bionic implants, & act as weapon or artifact bearers.  In the case of this cherubim, it is lugging a weighty Grimoire of True Names - an ancient tome filled with the names of daemons, which lends the inquisitor increased power to defeat those unholy beings.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Burnt-out chem tank (W40K)

A quick & easy terrain piece for Necromunda / 'Inquisimunda' this week - a burnt-out chem tank.  I made this using a miniature framed whiteboard as the base (with the nice 'grille texture' reverse side as metal flooring), & a sliced-up spicy-shelled peanuts snack pot & foil roll tube as the chem tank & pipe.  Jagged sections of the pot, filler, snippets of cocktail stick, Gale Force Nine rubble pieces, & sand provided the patches of scattered debris.  I painted the assembled piece to try & make it look like the chem tank was engulfed in a fire, or exploded.  Fairly pleased with this as a simple ground level piece for Necromunda.  The blast holes mean that models can move through an otherwise LOS-blocking piece, & the open top allows vertical gunfire (plus easy placement of figures!).

When I'm in a lazy painting mood, I really enjoy doing wrecked, ruined, & weathered stuff - with minimal effort you can get quite atmospheric results.  Here are some detail views:

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Street lamps (W40K)

This weekend I painted-up a trio of street lamps for Necromunda / 'Inquisimunda'.  These came in the Imperial Sector box I bought years ago.  Originally I was going to mount them on bases at the sides of buildings, but I decided to keep them flexible & go for individual bases (Ø60mm laser-cut ply from Fenris Games).  They won't provide any actual cover, they're just for flavour & looks.  I supposet hey could be used to mark patrol routes in special scenarios though.  I went for a fairly well-kept (& still working) look - these would be more likely found inside an underhive settlement, or on a lightly-damaged urban street elsewhere.  I plan on getting hold of some more of these street lights, slicing-off the top spike & the pointy lamp underside to give a more functional & less ornate look, & going with an all-metal, decrepit, & broken paint job.  These would have more rubble & debris on their bases too.