Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cherubim familiar (W40K)

This weekend I painted up a cherubim familiar for my inquisitor, Augustus Dissero Isiah.  In Warhammer 40,000, cherubim are artificial constructs used by high-ranking Imperials (usually Inquisition) to increase their awareness, access cogitators using bionic implants, & act as weapon or artifact bearers.  In the case of this cherubim, it is lugging a weighty Grimoire of True Names - an ancient tome filled with the names of daemons, which lends the inquisitor increased power to defeat those unholy beings.


  1. Don't drag that book on the ground! It's 3,000 years old, for the Emperor's sake!

    1. :-D It may be a vat-grown, cyberdised construct, but that's no excuse for negligence when it comes to valuable tomes.