Thursday, 30 January 2014

Chaos Dwarves (WQ)

This week I painted up a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer and a Champion for my long-running 15mm Warhammer Quest project.  Here they are leading the Chaos Dwarves that I painted a while back.  I've repainted the dark skin tones of these foes as I wasn't happy with my original work, & I added iron wristbands to them.  To help mark them out as 'special', the Sorcerer & Champion have red-hafted weapons and gold detailing on their wristbands & shields etc.

These fantastically-detailed miniatures are from Copplestone Castings's 15mm Barbarica range.  Here are the revised Chaos Dwarves with axes & spears.  I've only made '1D3' of each so far, since Chaos Dwarves are fairly tough opponents for low-level Warriors.  Click on the thumbnails for larger views.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Republican Guard vs. USMC (FoF)

I played my first Force on Force game in months today.  I took the role of an Iraqi Republican Guard force defending a small town from invading US marines.  My friend Tim had a full USMC squad (3 fireteams of 4 men, plus a leader), plus a 3-man GPMG team, a 3-man sniper team, & a CO.  I had 2 squads of Republican Guard (2 fireteams of 6 riflemen, & 2 4-man support teams with RPGs & RPDs), plus a 3-man GPMG team, a T-55 tank, a medic, CO & a Ba'athist Party Official.  The Iraqi setup can be seen to the right, and the USMC setup is below (the sniper team is atop the cliff).

The scenario was a straightforward Take & Hold, with an Objective building at each side of the battlefield, and 2 central Objective buildings.  My Republican Guard leapfrogged along the buildings towards the 2 central objectives, whilst one fireteam tried rushing along a side alley to reach the centre-most Objective.  However, they took a few casualties from Tim's opening shots.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

UMC infantry squad (TW)

I've painted-up a full 12-soldier squad of Unified Marine Corps infantry.  Now that I can see the camouflage pattern on a large group of figures, I'm happier with the design.  Next to the squad leader are marines armed with an ATGM launcher, & a GPMG.  These are 15mm scale miniatures - Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

UMC Warthog vehicle (TW)

This weekend I finished my first scout/patrol vehicle for my Tomorrow's War Unified Marine Corps force.  The model is a Rebel Minis Comanche - a very nice model.  This one has additional hatch armour & a chaingun, which is removable.  The tinted windows have a gloss coating, but it doesn't show-up that well in these photos.  I will be using the helmet-less figures as drivers for my UMC vehicles.

I always find inventing camouflage schemes tricky, & especially so with the garish alien jungle I've been putting together for this setting.  I've kept the camo fairly simple - it's a scaled-up version of the green & purple 'tiger stripes' that I've started painting my UMC infantry with.  It seems OK at breaking-up the form of the Warthog against the jungle, especially at a distance.  Possibly it needs a fourth colour - maybe a few dark orange leaf shapes over the stripes?  All thoughts and suggestions welcome.

Click on the thumbnails for larger views.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Combat android units (TW)

This week I finished work on a full 8-robot squad of combat androids, plus a pair of 2-robot AT RPG teams.  These 15mm figures are for the colonial force in the future setting that my friend Tim & I have been working on, to be played using the Tomorrow's War rules.  I'm really happy with how the colour scheme has turned out on these: