Sunday, 12 January 2014

UMC Warthog vehicle (TW)

This weekend I finished my first scout/patrol vehicle for my Tomorrow's War Unified Marine Corps force.  The model is a Rebel Minis Comanche - a very nice model.  This one has additional hatch armour & a chaingun, which is removable.  The tinted windows have a gloss coating, but it doesn't show-up that well in these photos.  I will be using the helmet-less figures as drivers for my UMC vehicles.

I always find inventing camouflage schemes tricky, & especially so with the garish alien jungle I've been putting together for this setting.  I've kept the camo fairly simple - it's a scaled-up version of the green & purple 'tiger stripes' that I've started painting my UMC infantry with.  It seems OK at breaking-up the form of the Warthog against the jungle, especially at a distance.  Possibly it needs a fourth colour - maybe a few dark orange leaf shapes over the stripes?  All thoughts and suggestions welcome.

Click on the thumbnails for larger views.


  1. Very nice PC! Love the colour. scheme.

    1. :-) Thanks, I'm hoping it'll grow on me, 'cause I'm still a little unsure if I fully like it.

      I might try painting this pattern on paper with the addition of a few dark orange bits, but I suspect that it will be spoiled by too many colours.