Monday, 28 August 2017

Electricity sub-stations

This week I have been blitzing a new generation of Necromunda terrain for my collection - here are a trio of scratch-built ancient electricity sub-stations.  I still have a lot to learn about painting rust effects, but I'm very pleased with these.  I made them from empty plotter & printer cartridges that I had been saving, & detailed them with wooden lolly & toffee apple sticks & BBQ forks.  The 'lights' are the caps from the little soy sauce fish bottles that you get in supermarket sushi packs.  Having been inspired by the truly awesome Necromunda/Inquisimunda scenery that can be seen on the internet, I really want to capture the utterly decrepid, rusted-through, & caked-in-grime look that the Underhive should 'realistically' have - the subterranean bowels of Hive Primus date back up to ten thousand years to before the Great Crusade.  I want that complete industrial waste-zone look on my tabletop!  Hence I textured these sub-stations with coarse modelling paste to help with the rusted look.  This machinery will have been non-operational for thousands of years, but I imagine arcs of blue-violet electricity would have originally passed up & down those vertical prongs when functional.

I'll need to add a lot more vertical scenery with aerial routes & line-of-sight yet, but as basic blocking terrain which captures the right feel, I think these will see plenty of use.  I used PVA glue to secure the bits, strengthened with hot glue gun in places.  They have a nice weight to them, & seem very durable.  A black matte spray paint undercoat was essential as the plastics of the cartridges wouldn't take brush paint without it.

Lastly, here is a photo of these pieces prior to detailing & painting, where the components are clearer to see  >

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Pile of rubble

To celebrate the forthcoming re-release of the legendary Warhammer 40,000 gang skirmish game Necromunda, I completed this rubble pile that I built from various bits a while ago - perfect for the crumbling urban chaos of the Underhive.  I used an old CD as the base, & added chunks of polystyrene textured with coarse paint thickener, Gale Force 9 concrete chunks, plastic lolly sticks as pipes, corrugated card as sheet roofing, plus a spare bit from an Imperial tank sprue, & a metal cable clasp as other junk.  Then I added grit using PVA & sand.  Only a quick & dirty drybrush paint scheme, but it'll do for tabletop gaming.  I added various hints of green-wash in places to suggest grime / slime / pollutants, but maybe it could do with a bit more.

Here is a WIP photo, before I painted this piece  >

The Underhive has long been one of my favourite settings - so evocative & full of unexpected variety.  I'm looking-forward to adding more urban / industrial scenery to my collection, for Necromunda / Inquisimunda gaming.