Saturday, 9 November 2013

Iraqi T-55 (FoF)

Back to Force on Force - here is my T-55 with crew, to support my Iraqi platoon.  Not a very exciting paint scheme as I went with the basic bone-white desert hue seen on many Iraqi vehicles at the time.  I haven't yet tried any conversions on 15mm scale models, but ideally I would like to convert this T-55 with the characteristic side armour & turret plates of the Iraqi 'Enigma' T-55.

The tank & figures are from Peter Pig's excellent AK 47 Republic range.  I want my mixed regulars & Saddam fedayeen Iraqi force to look suitably ill-equipped & a little ad-hoc, so I left the fuel tanks off this T-55 & fitted the unditching beam in their place.  I purchased this tank a while ago, before Peter Pig added a turret MG & hatch crewmen to the pack, but I may add an MG if I can get hold of a DShK.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Even more jungle terrain (TW)

For a change... even more jungle scatter terrain for 15mm Tomorrow's War!  I've started to use pieces from the bag of more colourful plastic plants, which I think is helping to make this jungle project look more alien.  I started with 8 'average tree size' pieces, mounted on Ø30mm Fenris Games bases:

After that, I revamped some of my previous jungle bases with  pieces of the new plants, to help tie it all together visually.  Coming up with decent camouflage schemes for this terrain will be an interesting challenge...