Friday, 20 February 2015

Rotting zombies

This post is not for the weak of stomach - I've painted up some rotting zombies.  These especially gribbly 'walkers' are from the Khurasan Miniatures pack 'The Dead Set 2', from their Modern Zombies range.  I'm pleased with how these turned out - once I got the gloss varnish on the gore, they really came alive! ...err became undead!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I painted these 6 Rage zombies at the weekend.  These nice sculpts are Rebel Minis 15mm Zombie 'Ragers'.  The modern day zombie apocalypse collection that I am working on will feature 'Ragers' as freshly-infected victims, whilst traditional 'Shambler' zombies will make up the bulk of the infected horde.  Painting civilians always drags a bit because of the variation in clothes, but I'm please with how these tiny miniatures turned-out - especially once I got the gloss varnish on the blood!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Even more survivors

Another batch of 15mm scale zombocalypse survivors finished.  These are all figures from Khurasan Miniatures's excellent 'The Living Set 2', & fans of The Walking Dead will spot a few familiar characters here.  These sculpts are brilliant quality, with great detail, I really enjoyed painting them.  They are all mounted on 1p coins, flocked with Gale Force 9 earth & dead/winter static grass.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Ghouls (WQ)

Last night I finished painting 1D3+2 Ghouls for my 15mm scale 3D Warhammer Quest set.  These figures are Khurasan Miniatures 'The Buried'.  I've long wanted to be able to run an entirely Undead-themed dungeon, so I will be adding skeletons, zombies, wights, & a vampire etc to my collection.

Monday, 2 February 2015

More survivors

I was basing-up & painting more 15mm scale zombie apocalypse survivors over the weekend.  The latest 3 that I've finished are based on 3 of my favourite characters from the zombie genre.  Shaun & Ed from 'Shaun of the Dead', & Michonne from 'The Walking Dead'.  The 2 male figures are from Rebel Minis's 'Civilian Hunters Pack 2', & the katana-wielding female figure is from Khurasan Miniature's 'The Living - Set 2'.