Friday, 27 December 2013

UMC / Combat Androids pt.2 (TW)

I've now painted-up a fireteam & an AT RPG team of colonial combat androids.  I'm very pleased with the colour scheme - it's straightforward to paint on such tiny miniatures; striking, but also plausible for the setting.  To the right is the droid AT team, & below is the 4-robot fireteam.  Click on the images for a larger view.  As mentioned previously, the models are Rebel Minis Shalur Mercenaries.

I've also tried-out a 'jewel effect' on the visors of the UMC troopers (see right), which I think was semi-successful.  The models are Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines.  I'm still not 100% satisfied with the paint scheme for these human soldiers, but I'm not sure what it is - possible the camo scheme still needs work?  Any suggestions welcome, thanks.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

UMC / Combat Androids pt.1 (TW)

I've been closing-in on final paint schemes for my Unified Marine Corps troops & colonial combat androids.  I want something that will look plausibly military but futuristic, whilst working in a colourful extraterrestrial jungle setting.  To the right is a rework of the UMC trooper camo that I posted a few days ago.  The visors are now plain grey, but I will add a 'jewel effect' as a final touch.  The camo has slightly bolder strokes, & the boots have base-green plates on the front.  I'm quite pleased with this scheme now.  The pattern isn't too riotous, & seems to blend the troopers into their surroundings well.  These models are 15mm Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines.

For the colonial combat androids, I'm aiming for something that will mark them out as an opposing force, whilst still looking military.  I've gone with a simple vivid green colour, with highlights along the upper edges of the armour plating.  This lends a slightly mantis-like appearance, where the camo is more about looking like harmless foliage rather than blending-in.  The model is a 15mm Rebel Minis Shalur Mercenary.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Possible miniatures for Tomorrow's War

I thought I'd do a list of miniatures that I have in mind to represent the units in the Tomorrow's War setting that my friend Tim & I are developing.  There are two factions - the expeditionary forces of Earth, primarily consisting of the Unified Marine Corps; & the disparate but increasingly high-tech colonial forces, who rely more on android & mecha units.  Items in orange below are things that I have already bought:

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Trial UMC camouflague (TW)

I recently posted several pieces on the extraterrestrial jungle scenery that I've been putting together for Tomorrow's War.  Today I've been trialing a possible camo scheme for the UMC (Unified Marine Corps) infantry that will feature in this setting.  These soldiers will be part of an expeditionary force from Earth who are battling the more advanced but initially factious separatist forces in the jungles of a colony world.

The models are Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines.  I've used Citadel Paints.  I'm fairly pleased with the palette of colours - a base of Camo Green, with a Flesh Wash for depth & lightened Camo Green highlights.  On top of this I've painted a traditional 'jungle pattern' using Dark Angels Green & Liche Purple (the plants in this jungle are quite garish).  The webbing & backpacks are Dark Angels Green.  The visors will have an orange 'jewel effect' once finished.

The figure on the the left has his helmet & armour in the base green, & the one on the right has camo all over.  I think the left one looks unfinished like this, & as I will be using high contrast between armour & undersuits/mechanisms on the colonial forces, I think I should go with the right-hand approach. However, I think this scheme can be improved - perhaps with a larger, more angular pattern, to reflect the oversized foliage of the scenery?  Any suggestions & ideas welcome, thanks!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Converted French with GPMGs (FoF)

I haven't got much hobby stuff done over the past month, as I've been away at music festivals, ill with a heavy cold, & sorting out Christmas presents.  But here are four conversions that I've done as gifts for my friend Tim's French platoon in Force on Force.  He needed some figures armed with FN Minimi GPMGs to go with his Peter Pig French Foreign Legion; so I've converted some USMC gunners, using French beret heads from Peter Pig's Odds and Ends (Mostly Heads) range
These were surprisingly simple - for the standing figures I made an incision each side of the jaw using a Stanley knife, then twisted the original head slightly one way, then the other using needle-nose pliers.  The head came off in good condition, and can be used elsewhere!  I then used a fine-gauge hand drill to make a hole for the peg/neck of the French beret head, & glued it in place.  The prone figures were slightly trickier, needing the use of a small vice to hold the figures whilst I razor-sawed the heads off, prior to drilling the holes & filing-out indentations for the chins.  I'm pleased with the results, & will be using the 'insurgent headscarf' heads that I bought at the same time to convert various figures for my PLO force & Middle East civilian bases.