Thursday, 21 February 2013

Delta Force fireteam (FoF)

Yesterday I finished this 4-man Delta Force fireteam.  I've had another busy month where I haven't found much time for wargames stuff, & my 2nd batch of 15mm Warhammer Quest corridors have been proving problematic - either an inferior mix of all-purpose filler or the biting cold have caused the wall texturing to flake away repeatedly.  So I needed a mini project to get me going, & a Delta Force fireteam were perfect.  These are intended for use in Day of the Rangers scenarios, but they will do nicely for spec ops troops in other settings.

They are Peter Pig USMC, painted in the same way as my Rangers, but with their body armour and helmets coloured black.  I filed-down the helmets to smooth-out the cover texture & make them look more like the non-ballistic helmets worn by Delta Force in Somalia.  I've been saving the figures with scopes & forward hand grips on their rifles to use as spec ops.  Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, it's been difficult to find decent light during these recent grey weeks.  I have a pair of Little Bird helos to glue together, for these & future operators to ride on...  & of course a Black Hawk.