Saturday, 27 October 2012

Middle East buildings 9 (FoF)

I made a couple of ruined adobe buildings for 15mm Force on Force this week.  They are constructed from foamboard as usual, but with polystyrene chunks to bulk up the rubble before I added all-purpose filler, small blocks of foamboard, & sand for texture.  I've painted them up as burnt-out to indicate artillery bombardment or airstrike, rather than having them as simply being old buildings that have collapsed through shoddy construction & lack of maintenance.  Below is an IDF fireteam retreating through the ruins:

This week I also finally got round to ordering pretty much everything I'll need to play US Army / Rangers / Marines / Delta Force in missions from the Day of the Rangers (Somalia 1993) & Road to Baghdad (Iraq 2003) sourcebooks, including various Humvees, but barring helos & MBTs.  I'm particularly looking forward to playing the tense Mogadishu scenarios.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Middle East buildings 8 (FoF)

Below are a few more of my new batch of Middle East buildings.  They are still rather 'generic' at the moment as I'm bulking out my collection, but I've started to sketch-out plans for more interesting pieces, like warehouses & industrial plants.

The smaller buildings could represent adobe village dwellings, or slum housing in more urban settings.  I see the painted building as another 'semi-detached' house, but with the households back-to-back instead of side-by-side.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Middle East buildings 7 (FoF)

Here is the 1st of my new batch of buildings for Middle East Force on Force gaming (without removable roofs).  Much quicker to build when you don't fuss around with unnecessary internal details - I should have enough to represent Beirut (& Mogadishu..) soon. This one is a block of flats: