Saturday, 29 September 2012

15mm Warhammer Quest part 2

My Copplestone Castings fantasy figures for my 15mm Warhammer Quest project arrived, & I have to say the quality is brilliant.  The poses are dynamic, the detail is very good, & there were only minimal mould lines/flash to clean up.  They are 'heroic' 15mm scale- that is to say the humans are about 17mm tall (but then they are barbarians!), & the Dwarves are about 14/15mm high, but I've allowed for a bit of scale creep in the 3D dungeon sections that I've been making.  I've concentrated on making the corridors & basic rooms so far, & plan to do the texturing & painting & other fancy details when I've got the set together- though I may get bored & dive into this fun stuff sooner!  Below is the 1st of the dungeon rooms, to represent the Torture Chamber card:

If my skills are up to it, I plan to add racks & possibly a crucifix-type-thing to make it more specific in appearance.  & of course plenty of bloodstains!  Chains may prove too challenging at 15mm scale, but ropes should be easier.  Any suggestions welcome!

Monday, 10 September 2012

15mm Warhammer Quest part 1

Imagine that you've wanted to get back into Warhammer Quest, & you've also been looking for an excuse to use these very cool 15mm scale fantasy figures from Copplestone Castings? (I really like the Hyborian look to them!)  Well, from within the ever-shifting Warp on my gaming plans - specifically my long-term want to make 3D WQ sections - the idea to make a 15mm scale WQ set manifested...

Below are some photos of WIP 15mm scale 3D Warhammer Quest corridors, which I built specifically with the above Copplestone Castings range in mind.  Over the course of a few days I've put together 3 door layout variants of the 1st corridor type, plus 1 of the more 'Dwarven' 2nd type, & yesterday I added the stair section shown in the 3rd photo.

Now imagine that you wanted to buy the following (or nearest equivalent) from Games Workshop.  Undoubtedly their miniatures are some of the finest out there, but how much would it cost for:

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Trouble with Tau urban camo (W40K / TW)

Having hatched a plan with Tim to try out some skirmish games set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, but using Ambush Alley's Tomorrow's War rules, I've dusted off my Tau Fire Warriors, & have been attempting to sort out the urban camouflage scheme that I started many months ago.  Right from the start soon after the first Tau Codex came out, I've wanted to use the lush Hawk Turquoise colour in the overall paint scheme, but my poor minis have been through various guises (including a hideous purple/turquoise/orange combination at one point!) until I finally settled on a 'realistic' urban camo effect for the armour, but retaining the turquoise (which is the colour of my Battlefleet Gothic Tau fleet) for the undersuit.  Below is a run-through of the process I've been struggling with in finalising the urban camo pattern...