Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sturdy walls (W40K)

Yesterday I finished a set of sturdy walls for Necromunda / 'Inquisimunda'.  There a four 6" strips & two 4", & one of the shorter strips has a door.  These are made from sections of corrugated card textured & strengthened with all-purpose filler.  I added a few bits of Gale Force Nine rubble & other debris to the balsa wood bases, before flocking with sand.  I see these walls as old, & having withstood the occasional hivequake & weathering from acid rain etc.  As with my recent ruined walls, I had another go at painting graffiti, which I think turned out OK - the large 'SARK' tag looks best IMO, but I want to work towards maybe painting a larger underhive-themed mural, maybe with a clear House allegiance.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Rubble barricades (W40K)

Some more Necromunda / 'Inquisimunda' scenery - two 6" strips of rubble.  These will be useful in scenarios involving barricades, or just as scatter terrain to help achieve that ruined underhive look.  These were a bit time-consuming to put together, but very cheap.  I built up piles of rubble & debris using small chunks of polystyrene, sections of card, bits of sprues, pieces from old Airfix kits, the lid of a glue tube, a lasgun, cocktail sticks etc.  I also made a bottle out of Green Stuff, with a section of cocktail stick for the neck.  The rubble strips were then textured with filler to clump the elements together (& close-up tricky-to-paint recesses), before flocking with sand to represent grit & small stones.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Underhive gangways (W40K)

Today I finished a few gangways for use in Necromunda / 'Inquisimunda'.  First here is a gothic gangway, made from wall & post pieces from the GW Imperial Sector box.  They are mounted on a plastic panel from a broken radio that just happened to be exactly the right length & a suitable width.  The floor panels are cereal pack card.  I imagine this gangway more likely to be found in the 'up-market' part of an underhive settlement (perhaps linked to a Guilder lodge?), or in the hive city itself, but I've made it look grubby so it will blend in out amidst the ruined wastes.

Next, a sturdy gangway with clearly marked *dangerous edges*.  This is an offcut of plywood, with card paneling.  I drew the black hazard stripes on using a fineliner prior to adding the last of the weathering effects, as it was a lot quicker & neater than painting them with a brush.

Lastly, a set of 4 very rusty & crumbling gangways/ramps that look a bit of a gamble for crossing between structures.  These were quick builds made using lolly sticks & 'matchsticks' from a craft store.  The bands are card, with sections trimmed from plastic sprues for the 'rivets'.  I'm still trying to get the hang of rust effects, but these will do for now.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Underhive walls (W40K)

Some ruined underhive walls now.  I made these out of corrugated card mounted on plywood strips, & textured with filler.  The bases have small pieces of Gale Force Nine rubble, washers, & clippings from plastic sprues added to them, along with the usual sand.  The exposed iron supports are sections of cocktail stick.  It doesn't show up that well in these photos, but the bases are drybrushed up through grey, whilst the walls have more of a blue tint to them - I want to keep my revamped Necromunda scenery collection quite muted in tone.  I tried-out some graffiti - little more than tags - but am moderately pleased with the outcome.  I'll try some more ambitious designs on larger sections of wall in the future.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Hab Block IX (W40K)

I made this hab block for Necromunda / 'Inquisimunda' six years ago(!), but have only just got round to finishing it.  It was painted in basic colours, but I was never happy with the polystyrene surface, which spoiled the look.  For this revamp I added some decorative ribs using wooden cocktail forks, & textured the exposed polystyrene with filler to give a look of 'plascrete'.  I then repainted the whole building, which has taken a lot of time over the past week.

As can be seen in the photo under the break below, the building is constructed of two sections of polystyrene (I think corners from dishwasher/washing machine packaging), detailed using craft card, sections trimmed from plastic sprues, an inner tube from a roll of tin foil, a few pieces from a Games Workshop Imperial Sector building pack (eagle supports & lamps), & corrugated card.  I made sure to include plenty of walkways on the handy ledges, to make this otherwise LOS-blocking hulk useful in games of Necromunda.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Collapsed pipes (W40K)

This week I painted-up a pair of broken pipe scenic pieces that I bought at an aquatics store.  They came pre-painted to a mediocre standard in dappled blue & purple, but I finally got round to giving them a proper 'underhive' paint-job.  I also added a crushed barrel to the base of one piece, & will probably add other bits to the rubble like girders & smaller chunks of debris.  I think they have a suitably ancient 'grimdark' look, & should fit in nicely in games of Necromunda / 'Inquisimunda'.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Elite White sniper

This week I finished painting another 'White' figure for my Russian Civil War project - a sniper.  Again, this soldier is of the General Markov Officers Regiment, who were renowned for their discipline both on & off the battlefield.  The miniature is from Copplestone Castings Back of Beyond range, the base is laser-cut ply from Fenris Games, & the snow flock is from Gale Force Nine.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Rocky outcrops

I've put together 4 rocky outcrops for my Russian Civil War set.  These pieces of scatter terrain were very straightforward - piles of small stones that I collected on a hill walk, glued onto Ø60mm laser-cut ply bases from Fenris Games.  I filled in the gaps & joins, & topped-off the stones using paint thickener (ready-mixed filler in a tube) to give an impression of snow build-up, then painted this snow pure white, before coated with Gale Force Nine snow flock.  I didn't even paint the 'rocks'!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ruined building 1

A simple one today - a ready-made, ready-painted wargames ruin that I picked up several years ago, now converted for my Russian Civil War setting using filler & Gale Force Nine snow flock.  I can't remember the brand of the building, but I bought 2 as they were fairly cheap at the time, & having always scratch-built my terrain up until then, I wanted to give pre-mades a try.  The paint-job is basic & the windows are slightly low for 28mm scale figures but decent enough for the tabletop.  I may touch-up the brick damage sometime, but I think this'll fit in fine.  The remaining section of roof is removable to allow for figure placement inside.  Oddly the chimney has no fireplace though...

Friday, 1 May 2015

Rickety fences

I've put together ten 6" strips of rickety fences for my RCW collection this week.  The fences themselves are laser-cut ply from Fenris Games (I really like their laser-cut stuff & architectural details).  They come in 12" strips, so all I needed to do was snip each section in half.

The fences are mounted on large lolly sticks that I bought from a craft store.  I added a few tiny stones here & there to break up the bases, but other than that I just gave the ground a bit of form with some readymix filler from a tube (this helps to strengthen the bond between the fence & bases too), & also used filler for snow lying on top the rails.  After a quick paint & highlight, I used Gale Force Nine snow flock to add the finishing touch.