Saturday, 30 May 2015

Rubble barricades (W40K)

Some more Necromunda / 'Inquisimunda' scenery - two 6" strips of rubble.  These will be useful in scenarios involving barricades, or just as scatter terrain to help achieve that ruined underhive look.  These were a bit time-consuming to put together, but very cheap.  I built up piles of rubble & debris using small chunks of polystyrene, sections of card, bits of sprues, pieces from old Airfix kits, the lid of a glue tube, a lasgun, cocktail sticks etc.  I also made a bottle out of Green Stuff, with a section of cocktail stick for the neck.  The rubble strips were then textured with filler to clump the elements together (& close-up tricky-to-paint recesses), before flocking with sand to represent grit & small stones.


  1. Nice! Useful for multiple scales too
    I should make some generic ones myself