Friday, 1 May 2015

Rickety fences

I've put together ten 6" strips of rickety fences for my RCW collection this week.  The fences themselves are laser-cut ply from Fenris Games (I really like their laser-cut stuff & architectural details).  They come in 12" strips, so all I needed to do was snip each section in half.

The fences are mounted on large lolly sticks that I bought from a craft store.  I added a few tiny stones here & there to break up the bases, but other than that I just gave the ground a bit of form with some readymix filler from a tube (this helps to strengthen the bond between the fence & bases too), & also used filler for snow lying on top the rails.  After a quick paint & highlight, I used Gale Force Nine snow flock to add the finishing touch.


  1. Very nice! Little details like this on a table can have a big effect on manoeuvre, yet many of us forget them for more spectucular terrain additions

    1. Thanks Paul. Yeah, I'm thinking in whatever rule set I end up using, these fences will provide no cover, but will slow infantry movement (cavalry could easily jump it, & I imagine vehicles could easily drive them down).