Saturday, 27 July 2019

Fighting Pit WIP

Here is a photo of my WIP Fighting Pit tile for Lustrian-themed Warhammer Quest I opted for
spectator walkways to the sides of the pit, as the original 2D WQ tile used this space for sunken walls painted in perspective; & I always thought the Fighting Pit was lacking sufficient space for spectators.  Concentrating on this Objective Room as one of my first 28mm-scale tiles has helped me iron-out the design principles that will feature on the whole set of dungeon tiles, & gets one of the more complex tiles finished early in the project.

After experimenting with raised dungeon tiles to allow for depressions such as the Fighting Pit & Fire Chasm etc (as well as magnetically-attached doorways!), I settled on the approach shown here, with slots at the appropriate points to allow for doorways or sections of blanking wall to be slipped in.  I did consider 30mm-high ('human-height') walls so I could get lots of overgrown Lizardmen ruins detail in, but after careful consideration & consultation with gaming comrades I have settled on low cutaway walls, which suggest the overall look while allowing better visibility of figures on the tabletop (as well as being less effort & taking-up less storage space).

Any suggestions or observations welcome  :-)

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Lustrian Warhammer Quest WIP

Building a Lustrian-themed 3D Warhammer Quest set is one of my far too numerous wargaming projects.  I have several 3D dungeon tiles in progress, & am now finalising the design of the integral walls & doors.  Thinking of using magnets in the walls to join the tiles.  I've enjoyed planning & implementing fantasy miniatures with a jungle 'lost world' twist, including a group of Warriors that isn't the standard male-dominated fellowship including a wizened grey old man.  My Warrior party includes a female Noble disguised as a man, a dark-skinned female sorceror from the Southlands, a native Barbarian escaped from slavery in Naggaroth, a female Wood Elf archer, & a female Dwarf Trollslayer.  As some motivation to get a move on with this project, I decided to make a list of what miniatures I have for this so far...

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Giant leeches

This week I finished these 1D3+1 giant leeches for Warhammer Quest in Lustria, the land of the Lizardmen.  These nice miniatures are Rebel Minis Ripper Worms.  In hindsight I wish I'd bought another pack or two, before the Rebel Minis shipping costs to the UK seemed to rise dramatically. 

They don't present much threat to experienced Warriors, & are only worth 35 gold for slaying (compare that to 20g for a Goblin, 40g for a Skink, 55g for an Orc warrior, & 150g for a Saurus warrior).  However, giant leeches do have the Ambush & Bloodsucker abilities.  Stats for Lustrian creatures & Lizardmen can be found here.

They were very straightforward to paint, & I gave them a double-coat of gloss varnish to make them look suitably slimy - although this doesn't show up as well in these photos as it does on the tabletop.

Here's a photo of them with a Saurus warrior for scale  >