Monday, 22 April 2013

Somali militia part 2 (FoF)

This weekend I finished my 2nd batch of Somali militia for 15mm scale Force on Force.  In order to fit in with the Day of the Rangers scenarios these are all 'armed rabble', so I've painted them completely in civilian clothes.  Next I'll need to paint some with camo tops & trousers in the mix to mark them out as 'hired gunmen'.  I'll probably use a mix of BDU & 'chocolate chip' desert schemes, plus some of the many patterns used by militias in Lebanon.

Apologies for the poor lighting in this photo, it's a very grey day here.  I'll be painting some more armed rabble after the hired gunmen, & I'm planning to try out some more patterns on shirts next time, for variety.  I'll also have to paint a lot of civies for the civilian mobs...