Monday, 26 January 2015

The Gaol (WQ)

I've just finished painting another scratch-built 3D dungeon tile for my 15mm scale Warhammer Quest project - The Gaol.  The Gaol was a special tile from an issue of White Dwarf.  It had several scenarios related to it - either involving the Warriors starting off imprisoned in The Gaol, or there being an enraged minotaur about to break free from it.  I built this mainly using 5mm foamboard, with sections of cocktail stick for the iron bars.  I textured the bars in the latrine hole with filler & painted them as rusted & covered in (eww) crap.  I also painted the mould on the walls & puddles on the floor with gloss varnish to add to the dank atmosphere.  In the future I may add some patches of 'straw' static grass as rudimentary bedding.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Survivors with improvised weapons

Last night I finished painting these 3 survivors with improvised weapons.  The figures are Modern Rioters from Rebel Minis.  I sliced-away the stone in the hand of the trenchcoat-wearing figure, & drilled a tiny hole to insert a section of steel paperclip.  For the bottle-throwing figure, I used Green Stuff putty to add the Molotov cocktail flame.  The was my first time painting light-sourcing on a 15mm scale miniature, & I'm fairly pleased with it.

I have ordered some more survivors (& plenty of zombies!) from Khurasan Miniatures's amazing-looking range.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Dead End (WQ)

For a brief break from figure painting, I put together this Dead End tile for my long-running (15mm scale) 3D Warhammer Quest project.  The Dead End was a special tile where the Warriors had to dig through the collapsed section if they wanted to progress any further in that direction.  In the original rules, if the Warriors cleared the obstruction, a new dungeon tile was placed on the end of this piece, but I'm planning to make a 'cleared corridor', where the rubble has been shifted to the sides.  This tile is mainly built of 5mm foamboard.  The height is to allow for pits & chasms on other tiles.  The Chaos marauder is a Northlander from Copplestone Castings's '15mm Barbarica' range.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wyrd Beastmaster (W40K)

Back to 28mm scale here - this week I finished this wyrd Beastmaster (a minor psyker with the ability to control creatures).  The miniature is an EM4 'ganger' that I snapped up from eBay for £1.99, as I liked the 'Mad Max' apocalyptic look to it, & thought it'd fit in very well as a wyrd for Necromunda or 'Inquisimunda'.  He's got a bit of a Mohican appearance, which suggests Necromundan Ratskin stock to me.  This figure has a taller-than-average stature, & could equally be used as a barbarian, Chaos thug, ganger, or hired gun.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

More riot police

I've completed some more 15mm scale British riot police for containing the Infection, & reworked all the visors & shields to have a more blended grey-to-white effect.  It doesn't show up that well in these photos, but I also added a gloss varnish finish to their helmets, visors, & 'transparent' shields.  I used a DSLR extension tube that I got for Festivemas to take these pictures, & I'm pleased with the results - cheaper than a dedicated macro lens!  Firstly, here are the new riot police.  The officers at the back have 'riot guns'.

Followed by members of an Armed Response Unit with pistols & kevlar shields.  I will be adding some Rebel Minis SWAT Team figures for officers armed with other firearms.

Finally, here is a lone Infected / zombie riot policeman!

The figures here are all Rebel Minis Riot Police, mounted on 1p pieces, with Gale Force Nine dead/winter static grass & earth.