Sunday, 27 July 2014

Survivors with pistols

Dwelling on Ambush Z for a little longer, I rebased some pistol-toting figures to represent Zombocalypse survivors in my potential new collection.  When I first started buying miniatures for Tomorrow's War, I was planning a Ghost in the Shell type setting, & these figures were going to be some of the Public Security agents.  The models are Rebel Minis 'Irish Hitmen'.

I'm thinking it could make for tense games of Ambush Z if the civilian survivors are poorly armed, so these blokes with pistols will be distributed between several groups of survivors mostly armed with melee weapons & the occasional Molotov (with a UK-setting for my collection, guns will be in very short supply for civilians).  The man at the front will have to have the Abundant Supplies trait I think!

Monday, 21 July 2014


A mini project today - a 15mm-scale zombie!  I've had one eye on the leftover civilian figures that weren't suitable for use in my Middle East & Somali mobs, & I've been eagerly awaiting the re-launch of Ambush Z ('Zombocalypse' Force on Force) for a while now.  Being a huge fan of all things zombie, I felt I had to try out painting up a tiny zombie for a potential future horde...

I'm very pleased with how this turned out.  The figure is a Rebel Minis 'Modern Rioter', with his arms repositioned into a more loping gait, & the bottle in his hand cut-down into a chunk on flesh.

I recently bought some Gale Force Nine Dead/Winter Static Grass to rebase my 28mm Russian Civil War figures with a snow/earth/grass effect, & I decided to try out this as a nice contrast to the lush green grass on my Tomorrow's War figures (see comparison photo below).

I think this lends a nice washed-out, sickly tone to the figure, which suits the zombocalypse setting, but I think it needs something more for depth - maybe some ill looking small plants?

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Pre-fab building 2 (TW)

This week I put together a 2nd 'pre-fab' style colony building for 15mm-scale Tomorrow's War.  The first one had a garage frontage, but this one has a front door alignment that will allow the building to tessellate with others of the same design.  I was thinking this type of modular design would be important for initial colony buildings dropped into the jungle.  It creates options for representing larger structures on the battlefield by joining them together.  As with my first building, I've yet to make the low pitch roof for this.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Water tower (TW)

Following-on from my first colony building for 15mm-scale Tomorrow's War, this week I put together a water tower.  This would be amongst the first structures erected in a fledgling frontier settlement, so I've done a lot of weathering on the teal paint-scheme, which also helps to break-up an otherwise dull piece.

The tank is a cardboard gravy granules pot, the maintenance hatch is the tab off the printer cartridge I used for the building generator in my last post.  The uprights of the ladder are bamboo BBQ skewers, & the horizontal slats are 'matchsticks' from a craft shop.  Unfortunately the scratch-built ladder ended-up too big (it's more like 20mm-scale), but I think it's passable for 15mm.  It's all mounted on another promotional drinks coaster.