Sunday, 27 July 2014

Survivors with pistols

Dwelling on Ambush Z for a little longer, I rebased some pistol-toting figures to represent Zombocalypse survivors in my potential new collection.  When I first started buying miniatures for Tomorrow's War, I was planning a Ghost in the Shell type setting, & these figures were going to be some of the Public Security agents.  The models are Rebel Minis 'Irish Hitmen'.

I'm thinking it could make for tense games of Ambush Z if the civilian survivors are poorly armed, so these blokes with pistols will be distributed between several groups of survivors mostly armed with melee weapons & the occasional Molotov (with a UK-setting for my collection, guns will be in very short supply for civilians).  The man at the front will have to have the Abundant Supplies trait I think!


  1. They're useful figures- and I like the basing.

    1. Thanks Barks. They are very nice sculpts - the proportions are more 'realistic' than a lot of 15mm figures.