Monday, 21 July 2014


A mini project today - a 15mm-scale zombie!  I've had one eye on the leftover civilian figures that weren't suitable for use in my Middle East & Somali mobs, & I've been eagerly awaiting the re-launch of Ambush Z ('Zombocalypse' Force on Force) for a while now.  Being a huge fan of all things zombie, I felt I had to try out painting up a tiny zombie for a potential future horde...

I'm very pleased with how this turned out.  The figure is a Rebel Minis 'Modern Rioter', with his arms repositioned into a more loping gait, & the bottle in his hand cut-down into a chunk on flesh.

I recently bought some Gale Force Nine Dead/Winter Static Grass to rebase my 28mm Russian Civil War figures with a snow/earth/grass effect, & I decided to try out this as a nice contrast to the lush green grass on my Tomorrow's War figures (see comparison photo below).

I think this lends a nice washed-out, sickly tone to the figure, which suits the zombocalypse setting, but I think it needs something more for depth - maybe some ill looking small plants?


  1. Nice pose to that figure.

  2. Thanks. A touch of gloss varnish always brings out the gore nicely!