Saturday, 5 July 2014

Water tower (TW)

Following-on from my first colony building for 15mm-scale Tomorrow's War, this week I put together a water tower.  This would be amongst the first structures erected in a fledgling frontier settlement, so I've done a lot of weathering on the teal paint-scheme, which also helps to break-up an otherwise dull piece.

The tank is a cardboard gravy granules pot, the maintenance hatch is the tab off the printer cartridge I used for the building generator in my last post.  The uprights of the ladder are bamboo BBQ skewers, & the horizontal slats are 'matchsticks' from a craft shop.  Unfortunately the scratch-built ladder ended-up too big (it's more like 20mm-scale), but I think it's passable for 15mm.  It's all mounted on another promotional drinks coaster.

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