Saturday, 19 July 2014

Pre-fab building 2 (TW)

This week I put together a 2nd 'pre-fab' style colony building for 15mm-scale Tomorrow's War.  The first one had a garage frontage, but this one has a front door alignment that will allow the building to tessellate with others of the same design.  I was thinking this type of modular design would be important for initial colony buildings dropped into the jungle.  It creates options for representing larger structures on the battlefield by joining them together.  As with my first building, I've yet to make the low pitch roof for this.


  1. I like the modularity you're aiming for with the doorway. Looking forwards to seeing the whole colony!

  2. Another great build PC!

  3. Cheers Barks & Gunrunner. I'm slowly but surely putting this colony together! I'm planning another 3 of this type (2 of which will probably be a floor taller for variety), plus a flight control tower variant about 5 or 6 stories tall, but will also tessellate with the other pre-fabs. I'll also do a large generator using 5 or 6 ink cartridges side-by-side.

    Things will get a little quicker when I start on the later colony buildings - I'm thinking adobe / Middle East style, but whitewashed, with bits of tech added on (a bit Tatooine-ish, but less deserty!) It's a lot quicker texturing with filler rather than fiddly bits of card... :-s