Monday, 27 August 2012

Syrian T-62 crews (FoF)

I've just finished these T-62 (Soviet) tank crewers for 15mm scale Force on Force.  These are miniatures from the excellent Peter Pig AK 47 Republic range. For when inevitable bailouts occur!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Ratings / Gangers (W40K)

A little diversion back into Warhammer 40,000 now.  Below are some photos of a group of ratings I've finished, intended to represent the lowly crewers of a Rogue Trader spaceship for my long-planned Inquisitor adventure campaign.  They were made using the Imperial Guard Catachan sprues, with the odd bit of Chaos Marauder & an Imperial Guard tanker's las-carbine.  I've painted them with a 'House Orlock' look, so they could double-up as hive city / urban gangers too.

Below are two less-well-equipped ratings / gangers, armed only with cudgels.  The one on the right has a device / remote made from part of the Cadian voxcaster backpack...

Saturday, 18 August 2012

PLO fighters (FoF)

Next up are the first batch of 15mm scale PLO fighters that I've finally completed.  This group are wearing the so-called 'Black September' Palestinian camo pattern.  After experimenting with a heavier emphasis on civilian clothing, I decided that I prefered the look of a mix of camouflage schemes, as shown in the Osprey guides to the Arab-Israeli wars.  With the rest of my PLO, I'll probably paint a variety of fatigues including 'lizard' & 'leopard' patterns for a nice rag-tag - but still military - look.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

IDF infantry (FoF)

I've painted up some more 15mm scale Israeli Defence Force infantry.  After extensive browsing of the colour plates from the Osprey guides featuring the IDF, I'm finally satisfied with the green tones - I'll have to repaint the webbing & flak jackets on my original batch of Israelis to match this.  I've also improved the sand/dusty earth hues on the bases, to match the scenery pieces that I've made, as the my original bases were a bit flat & dull in colour.

I'm intending my IDF infantry to represent the Golani Brigade, since they see the most action in Lebanon/along Israel's Northern border.  I need to discover a simple way to represent M203 grenade launchers on some of the Galils that these soldiers are carrying, but I haven't got an wire/rods thin enough for this scale available at the moment.  I also fancy painting up a small unit of 1980s Sayeret Mat'kal with AKs, but can't decide whether to go with the standard fatigues, or something to make them stand-out (I have seen one alledged photo of some Sayeret Mat'kal commandos wearing unusual tan-khaki uniforms).

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Syrian T-62s (FoF)

I've painted-up all 3 of my T-62s for my Force on Force 1980s Syrian Army platoon.  The one in the centre is a main-production T-62, which I'll treat as the 'squadron leader' where needed, whilst the ones at the sides are less-common early-model T-62As (at least this is how QRF title them) I've seen contradictions on the exact differences, but most obvious is that the turret hatches & pericopes do not match, & T-62A commander's hatch has a raised welded-on cupola.  I haven't stuck the slightly-fiddly MGs on yet.  If I do, I think technically they should point to the rear, as this is the orientation that QRF appear to have modeled the commanders' hatches in.

So far my Syrian force consists of a (Mi-8 'Hip') heliborne commando force, backed up by these tanks & a 'Shilka' AA platform.  I'm thinking it might make more sense split into 2 distinct forces, but Tim, Dom & I have got enough factions as it is for our planned 'Lebanon 1982' campaign- Tim has French Foreign Legion peacekeepers, Dom has a Russian force, & I'm thinking we should each play 2 (more-or-less aligned) factions because of the sheer diversity of the historical combatants... Possibly PLO & Syrians for me, IDF & Foreign Legion for Tim.  I'd like to get Phalangists in there too, but I don't think they'd sit easily with Dom's Russians. Hmm...