Monday, 20 August 2012

Ratings / Gangers (W40K)

A little diversion back into Warhammer 40,000 now.  Below are some photos of a group of ratings I've finished, intended to represent the lowly crewers of a Rogue Trader spaceship for my long-planned Inquisitor adventure campaign.  They were made using the Imperial Guard Catachan sprues, with the odd bit of Chaos Marauder & an Imperial Guard tanker's las-carbine.  I've painted them with a 'House Orlock' look, so they could double-up as hive city / urban gangers too.

Below are two less-well-equipped ratings / gangers, armed only with cudgels.  The one on the right has a device / remote made from part of the Cadian voxcaster backpack...


  1. Nice blogg.
    Where did you find the bitz for your cudgels?

    1. Thanks. The cudgels (& the arms holding them) are from the Chaos Marauder sprue - the pick weapons, with the sharp bits sliced off.