Thursday, 9 August 2012

Syrian T-62s (FoF)

I've painted-up all 3 of my T-62s for my Force on Force 1980s Syrian Army platoon.  The one in the centre is a main-production T-62, which I'll treat as the 'squadron leader' where needed, whilst the ones at the sides are less-common early-model T-62As (at least this is how QRF title them) I've seen contradictions on the exact differences, but most obvious is that the turret hatches & pericopes do not match, & T-62A commander's hatch has a raised welded-on cupola.  I haven't stuck the slightly-fiddly MGs on yet.  If I do, I think technically they should point to the rear, as this is the orientation that QRF appear to have modeled the commanders' hatches in.

So far my Syrian force consists of a (Mi-8 'Hip') heliborne commando force, backed up by these tanks & a 'Shilka' AA platform.  I'm thinking it might make more sense split into 2 distinct forces, but Tim, Dom & I have got enough factions as it is for our planned 'Lebanon 1982' campaign- Tim has French Foreign Legion peacekeepers, Dom has a Russian force, & I'm thinking we should each play 2 (more-or-less aligned) factions because of the sheer diversity of the historical combatants... Possibly PLO & Syrians for me, IDF & Foreign Legion for Tim.  I'd like to get Phalangists in there too, but I don't think they'd sit easily with Dom's Russians. Hmm...

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