Friday, 28 February 2014

Corridor (WQ)

Not too exciting, but essential for any dungeon - I've finished another corridor for 15mm scale Warhammer QuestI've made two 'Dwarven' corridors with a blue stone look, 3 more rundown grey stone corridors with each of the different door layouts catered for, & I will make 2 or 3 more corridors to round-off the set, probably with a 'mine' style (wooden joists & props holding the walls & ceiling up).

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Guard Room (WQ)

Another scratchbuilt 15mm scale Warhammer Quest dungeon room finished.  Here's my Guard Room.  This is another chamber that has a bit of 'furniture' - I've used the excellent large crates and barrels from Rebel Minis.  These look fantastic after drybrushing, & I think really help to bring this room alive.

I placed these details so that my figures on 1p bases can still fit in the squares, although I suspect placement of large figures on 2p bases may be problematic in this room - I'm trying to mount figures on 1ps wherever possible, but I have 3 cave trolls that had to be mounted on the larger coins already, and other bulky monsters may also require this.  Fortunately most of the dungeon won't have obstructions like this, but I think the Torture Chamber & the Guard Room really benefit from these details.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Torture Chamber (WQ)

It's finally finished - my 15mm scale scratch-built Torture Chamber for Warhammer Quest I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out.  The unpleasant devices/equipment were very fiddly to make at this tiny scale, but I always thought the original card tile was lacking these atmospheric details.  As with all my WQ rooms, the primary building material is 5mm foamboard, with thin card flagstones to define the squares.  The club & pokey stick are whittled from cocktail sticks, & the wheels on the rack are from an Airfix plane.  The pillars are sections of wooden dowel.

To leave the options open, I haven't glued the rack into place yet.  2 figures can balance atop it if necessary, although they look a little ungainly in a combat situation.  The 2 squares that the rack occupies could be said to be inaccessible, or the rack could be removed if necessary for figure placement.

The one detail I want to improve is the splattered blood - it needs to be darker, with a gloss coat to finish it off I think.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

3D Warhammer Quest WIP (WQ)

I've been in a Warhammer Quest mood lately.  I have a little production line going to finish off my set of 15mm scale dungeon sections.  Once I've put the finishing touches to the rack for the Torture Chamber, I will post photos, but for now, here are some WIP pictures, showing how I am putting these rooms and corridors together.

The shot on the left of The Gaol shows how I have built each section raised from table level, to allow for deeper sections in pieces like the Well of Doom, the Firechasm, the Fighting Pit etc.  The primary material is 5mm foamboard, with cereal pack cardboard for details like flagstones & bricks in the walls.  Here I have used sections of cocktail stick for the bars of the Gaol gate.  I need to cut a hole for the latrine in the nearest corner where the flagstone is cut away, & finally fit in the last section of wall.