Sunday, 16 February 2014

Torture Chamber (WQ)

It's finally finished - my 15mm scale scratch-built Torture Chamber for Warhammer Quest I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out.  The unpleasant devices/equipment were very fiddly to make at this tiny scale, but I always thought the original card tile was lacking these atmospheric details.  As with all my WQ rooms, the primary building material is 5mm foamboard, with thin card flagstones to define the squares.  The club & pokey stick are whittled from cocktail sticks, & the wheels on the rack are from an Airfix plane.  The pillars are sections of wooden dowel.

To leave the options open, I haven't glued the rack into place yet.  2 figures can balance atop it if necessary, although they look a little ungainly in a combat situation.  The 2 squares that the rack occupies could be said to be inaccessible, or the rack could be removed if necessary for figure placement.

The one detail I want to improve is the splattered blood - it needs to be darker, with a gloss coat to finish it off I think.


  1. Maybe the original lacked devices because the real torture ... was your imagination.

  2. The real torture was the chance of losing a multi-level character to some of the horrendously dangerous Events :->

  3. every room is a torture chamber.