Wednesday, 12 February 2014

3D Warhammer Quest WIP (WQ)

I've been in a Warhammer Quest mood lately.  I have a little production line going to finish off my set of 15mm scale dungeon sections.  Once I've put the finishing touches to the rack for the Torture Chamber, I will post photos, but for now, here are some WIP pictures, showing how I am putting these rooms and corridors together.

The shot on the left of The Gaol shows how I have built each section raised from table level, to allow for deeper sections in pieces like the Well of Doom, the Firechasm, the Fighting Pit etc.  The primary material is 5mm foamboard, with cereal pack cardboard for details like flagstones & bricks in the walls.  Here I have used sections of cocktail stick for the bars of the Gaol gate.  I need to cut a hole for the latrine in the nearest corner where the flagstone is cut away, & finally fit in the last section of wall.

Above are WIP photos of the Guardroom & the Torture Chamber.  Once these are textured with all-purpose filler & painted, I will add in details such as ale barrels (and perhaps a table) to the Guardroom; & unpleasant details including an iron maiden, rack, and crucifix to the Torture Chamber (a bit fiddly to make at 15mm scale!)

Below is a selection of WIP corridors and rooms, plus the stairway, as well as a view of them painted-up.  I'm really looking forward to putting together the more complex Objective Rooms, with their different levels and dramatic details.

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