Thursday, 30 January 2014

Chaos Dwarves (WQ)

This week I painted up a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer and a Champion for my long-running 15mm Warhammer Quest project.  Here they are leading the Chaos Dwarves that I painted a while back.  I've repainted the dark skin tones of these foes as I wasn't happy with my original work, & I added iron wristbands to them.  To help mark them out as 'special', the Sorcerer & Champion have red-hafted weapons and gold detailing on their wristbands & shields etc.

These fantastically-detailed miniatures are from Copplestone Castings's 15mm Barbarica range.  Here are the revised Chaos Dwarves with axes & spears.  I've only made '1D3' of each so far, since Chaos Dwarves are fairly tough opponents for low-level Warriors.  Click on the thumbnails for larger views.

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