Thursday, 27 February 2014

Guard Room (WQ)

Another scratchbuilt 15mm scale Warhammer Quest dungeon room finished.  Here's my Guard Room.  This is another chamber that has a bit of 'furniture' - I've used the excellent large crates and barrels from Rebel Minis.  These look fantastic after drybrushing, & I think really help to bring this room alive.

I placed these details so that my figures on 1p bases can still fit in the squares, although I suspect placement of large figures on 2p bases may be problematic in this room - I'm trying to mount figures on 1ps wherever possible, but I have 3 cave trolls that had to be mounted on the larger coins already, and other bulky monsters may also require this.  Fortunately most of the dungeon won't have obstructions like this, but I think the Torture Chamber & the Guard Room really benefit from these details.


  1. it seems like the 1ps are a little smaller compared to the squares than the 25mm bases are. Being round helps I guess. 2ps are definitely going to be a problem though. Any idea how we're going to play that?
    Not that it's not a problem in regular WHQ, when you start running into monsters on 40mm bases.

  2. Yeah, I deliberately up-scaled the rooms relative to the figures, so that a 2p fits neatly into each square. I always thought the original tiles looked a bit crowded, & like you say, large monsters could be a problem.

    I've just tested this room with a cave troll (2p base), and it fits enough into every square to get by. On the ones near the walls that are partially obstructed by a barrel or crate, it tucks in at an angle, but it's plain enough which square the figure is meant to be occupying.

    It's too late to upscale all my rooms further or anything, but I'm not worried. Although space for 2p base figures isn't ideal in this room, it's the only one I'm planning to have fixed 'furniture' obstructing the squares, and it's not like monsters on large bases are that common.