Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pre-fab building (TW)

Over the past few days I've scratchbuilt my first building for 15mm-scale Tomorrow's War.  This represents a pre-fab structure commonly used on the colony world of Gondwana as the starting point for frontier settlements.  From an initial cluster of structures like this, new buildings utilising local materials would be added as the population of a town grows.  I imagine the initial pre-fab structures such as this would remain as the heart of the community, as administration, comms, power, & water distribution, Directorate police stations etc.  This one is probably the local grav-vehicle repair bay.  I will be making a selection of variations on this design, some suitable for joining into larger building setups.

The base is a promotional drinks coaster I got through the post (I've saved-up quite a few).  I've been wanting to use these as ready-made tesselating bases for a while.  Need to get some old dinner plate mats to use as bases for compounds & larger buildings next.  The walls are 5mm foamboard, with breakfast cereal box card detail, whilst the shelter over the garage door is 3mm foamboard.  The generator is an empty printer cartridge, & the water purification tank is a throat lozenge tube.

Another thing I've been wanting to try is 'actual glass' windows using all the transparent plastic that I've been saving from packaging - I've finally done it here, & I'm very pleased with the results!  The 'glass' sheets are sandwiched between the two halves of the window frames (which I painted prior to adding the 'glass').  I've depicted one window with it's shutters closed.  I need to finish this building off with a removable roof.  I'm thinking maybe a half-cylinder shape, but it'd be nice to fit some solar panels in somehow.  Any suggestions welcome!  Below are some WIP views before I started painting this building:


  1. That's a really good use of bits and pieces PC, and knocks my scratch building efforts into a cocked hat-bravo!

    1. Thanks Gunrunner. I've got to make a load more now! I recommend cutting out all the parts en masse like a production line before assembly, makes it seem like less work.

  2. thats a lovely building, very multipurpose. very well constructed.

  3. A++ Now you have made me happy my printer has just run out of ink! Though I am not planning on a sore throat to complete the ensemble. A nice design.