Friday, 20 June 2014

Rubble & Trash (FoF)

Some scenarios in Day of the Rangers call for certain areas to be 'Rubble & Trash Strewn', which slows the movement of UN/US forces.  I thought it'd be neat to have some scenic pieces to mark these obstructed streets (either placed down the centre or at the sides of the roads).  So this week I put together six Rubble & Trash markers, using large lolly sticks as bases, & tiny chunks of 5mm foamboard, chips of wood, sections of cocktail stick, & a broken button-popper, textured & bulked using paint thickener (essentially pre-mixed all-purpose filler), & with the usual sand ground effect:


  1. Excellent and useful work!

    1. Thanks Phil, I think they turned-out okay. Nice to model something simple every now & again, that only needs some dry-brushing & a few details picked out!