Sunday, 22 June 2014

Separatist Militia (TW)

This weekend I've painted-up my first batch of Separatist Militia for 15mm-scale Tomorrow's War My friend Tim & I have been working on a fairly detailed background for the setting - a colony world called Gondwana being contested by increasingly android/drone-based Separatist forces, & a Unified Marine Corps expeditionary force from the Sol System.

First up are some group shots of the militia so far.  Compared to the lime-green of the 'Ashigaru' combat androids & the camo suits of the UMC that I've painted previously, these militia are more time-consuming, as I've gone for a mix of civilian & military clothes, but tried to tie their overall look together with matching camo-hoods, & equipment that matches the colour of the Separatist 'droids.

I've used the excellent & varied Rebel Minis Sahadeen for my Separatist Militia.  Above are some militia leaders.  Irregular Leaders are very important in Tomorrow's War, as without them, Irregulars can struggle to react effectively to the Regular force.

Lastly, two support weapons for the militia - a GPMG belt-fed from a backpack, & an ATGM.  The militia are armed with locally-made weaponry that is less-advanced than those of the combat-experienced Sol forces, but easily manufactured across Gondwana by local workshops using templates.


  1. Very nice, I really like your colourful camouflage with your colourful alien veg. I may have to do the same :)

  2. That's a gnarly group of multi-coloured ne'er-do-wells if ever I've seen one! A lot of work seems to have gone into these PC- top job!

  3. Thanks Kevin & Gunrunner. I'm still not sure these are 100% successful, but it's hard enough painting rag-tag or civilian groups at 28mm-scale, & even harder at 15mm!

  4. Great to see something with such bright camouflage. Really makes them stand out, except when they're in the native jungle!