Sunday, 3 August 2014

Small hill & jungle bases (TW)

This weekend I've been painting & flocking bases & finishing off a couple of hills for the colony world Gondwana.  Finished so far are a pair of bases for grouping scatter foliage (the idea is that trees/plants can be removed to help with miniature placement, whilst still retaining a defined boundary for the foliage, so it's clear who is in the jungle):

I saved myself a lot of time & effort with these jungle bases by buying ready-made (laser-cut ply) ones from Fenris Games.  All I had to do was clip them off the A4 'sprue'-sheet, & as a personal preference sand down the upper edges to blend them in with 'ground level' a bit.  The circular tree bases are also from Fenris Games, & I've been very impressed with their quality.

Also this weekend I finished detailing a small hill, which has a lot more grass as it's outside the jungle.  The hill is based on a hand-sawn ply shape, & made up of layers of foamboard, bulked & smoothed-out using all-purpose filler.  All the flock I have used is Gale Force Nine product.  I added a few small plastic (aquarium) plants to the hill, to help tie-it in with the vivid look of other terrain pieces:

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