Sunday, 17 August 2014

USMC vs. Republican Guard (FoF)

This weekend I played a game of Force on Force with my friend Tim. It was a simple scenario that we threw together, on a 4' x 4' table, with 3 objective buildings. Tim took on the role of the US Marine Corps, who were over-running the defences of a town on the road to Baghdad. A unit of Delta Force was with them, tasked with capturing or killing a Ba'athist Party official identified by intel.  I played as the Republican Guard, supported by a 76mm recoilless rifle, & 3 Saddam Fedayeen technicals, with the Ba'athist official having a small bodyguard of Fedayeen. Tim's Victory Points were based on capturing the objectives & the Ba'athist official, whilst mine were simpler - stop the US advance, & kill as many marines as possible.

My Republican Guard began behind buildings on the far side of the town square from the highway that the US were advancing along. The Ba'athist & his bodyguard were directing the defence from the courtyard at the bottom of the photo.

Tim had some poor dice rolls to begin with, with his unit that occupied the bunker on the outskirts of town suffering from a hail of incoming fire, although they knocked-out the weapon on one of my technicals that I rushed to engage them.

Tim's Delta Force unit, supported by a USMC fireteam, advanced quickly towards my left flank whilst we fought over the bunker & adjacent objective building on my right flank near Tim's side of the battlefield.

There was a lot of fire exchanged between my rooftop recoilless rifle & the marines at the perimeter wall across the highway. Eventually at AT-4 round suppressed & took out most of the recoilless rifle team, though the Ba'athist bodyguard rushed to take their place.

On my left flank, I tried to counter the advance of Delta Force & the marines using one of my technicals, but it was shot up, & the fedayeen crew abandoned it & fled the battlefield. The marine fireteam took casualties entering the central objective building, so the Delta Force team split in an attempt to hold the left objective, whilst rescuing the marines/securing the central objective. Threatened by an advancing team of Republican Guard, & struggling with wounded comrades in the face of a .50cal-armed technical pelting the building from across the square, the US force had to withdraw.

Unusually I managed to secure a victory in this game. Although I suffered more deaths (4 or 5), Tim's US force struggled with some very unlucky Overwatch rolls, & numerous Seriously Wounded; whilst I had some very lucky shooting rolls.

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