Friday, 8 August 2014

Light cover (TW)

I'm still on a terrain-making binge at the moment, but I will be getting back to figure painting soon.  Today I finished four pieces of light cover for 15mm-scale Tomorrow's War.  These are mounted on 'organically shaped' ice lolly sticks, & are simply little chunks of polystyrene blended in with paint thickener (essentially ready-mixed all-purpose filler from a tube), with tiny stones for rocks.  Again, I used Gale Force Nine flock & static grass, & bits of plastic aquarium plants for the foliage.

I painted & drybrushed the stones to match the cliffs.  In Tomorrow's War rules terms, I'm thinking these pieces won't actually provide a cover bonus, but nearby figures can avoid the 'Exposed' penalty of being in open areas.  Visually they will be useful for breaking-up the look of empty areas of tabletop.


  1. Simple yet effective - those really turned out looking great!