Monday, 26 January 2015

The Gaol (WQ)

I've just finished painting another scratch-built 3D dungeon tile for my 15mm scale Warhammer Quest project - The Gaol.  The Gaol was a special tile from an issue of White Dwarf.  It had several scenarios related to it - either involving the Warriors starting off imprisoned in The Gaol, or there being an enraged minotaur about to break free from it.  I built this mainly using 5mm foamboard, with sections of cocktail stick for the iron bars.  I textured the bars in the latrine hole with filler & painted them as rusted & covered in (eww) crap.  I also painted the mould on the walls & puddles on the floor with gloss varnish to add to the dank atmosphere.  In the future I may add some patches of 'straw' static grass as rudimentary bedding.


  1. Cheers, Mark & Phil. It's taking me ages with so many other miniatures projects on the go, but I'm looking forward to the day that I can actually run some 15mm games of Warhammer Quest!