Saturday, 24 January 2015

Dead End (WQ)

For a brief break from figure painting, I put together this Dead End tile for my long-running (15mm scale) 3D Warhammer Quest project.  The Dead End was a special tile where the Warriors had to dig through the collapsed section if they wanted to progress any further in that direction.  In the original rules, if the Warriors cleared the obstruction, a new dungeon tile was placed on the end of this piece, but I'm planning to make a 'cleared corridor', where the rubble has been shifted to the sides.  This tile is mainly built of 5mm foamboard.  The height is to allow for pits & chasms on other tiles.  The Chaos marauder is a Northlander from Copplestone Castings's '15mm Barbarica' range.


  1. Excellent work and project PC. I had a look back at previous posts re building the dungeon and it's great work. I really like the torture chamber and the idea of having the corridors etc. raised so you could put in pits etc.

    1. Cheers, Mark. I'm looking forward to making the Fire Chasm objective room, & am working on the Fighting Pit & Well of Doom at the moment, but I'm not sure what to do about random pit traps.

      The easy & sensible answer will be to use a pit counter.. but I have a silly desire to make tiles with removable flagstones which reveal actual 3D pits. Too many variations to make this feasible though!