Monday, 10 September 2012

15mm Warhammer Quest part 1

Imagine that you've wanted to get back into Warhammer Quest, & you've also been looking for an excuse to use these very cool 15mm scale fantasy figures from Copplestone Castings? (I really like the Hyborian look to them!)  Well, from within the ever-shifting Warp on my gaming plans - specifically my long-term want to make 3D WQ sections - the idea to make a 15mm scale WQ set manifested...

Below are some photos of WIP 15mm scale 3D Warhammer Quest corridors, which I built specifically with the above Copplestone Castings range in mind.  Over the course of a few days I've put together 3 door layout variants of the 1st corridor type, plus 1 of the more 'Dwarven' 2nd type, & yesterday I added the stair section shown in the 3rd photo.

Now imagine that you wanted to buy the following (or nearest equivalent) from Games Workshop.  Undoubtedly their miniatures are some of the finest out there, but how much would it cost for:
The Warriors

1 Barbarian
1 Wood Elf
1 Wizard
1 Dwarf Warrior
1 Dwarf Trollslayer

Some Monsters
12 Savage Orc Archers
6 Savage Orc Warriors
6 Savage Orcs with spears
3 Trolls
1 Chaos Marauder Lord
1 Chaos Marauder Champion
12 Chaos Marauders
12 Chaos Warhounds
4 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
1 Chaos Sorceress
1 Necromancer
1 Chaos Dwarf Lord
1 Chaos Dwarf Champion
12 Chaos Dwarf Warriors
12 Chaos Dwarves with spears
Plus about 25 assorted barbarian/Dwarf character figures... ?

...Well, after a quick browse through Games Workshop Online just now, that lot would set you back approximately £330.10!

I've still splashed out a bit, but spent 'only' £70ish for that lot from the Copplestone 15mm Fantasy range... Advantages: much cheaper, takes up less space, quicker to paint, quicker to build.  I guess that makes 15mm my new favourite gaming scale.


  1. I'm almost surprised that the difference is only 3 1/3 times. 28mm models will use up almost eight times as much material, and must have several times the amount of detail. GW figures will mostly be plastic, compared to metal, but they will be poseable, have lots of accessories, etc..

    1. Note that I've just edited the GW price in the main post to reflect the additional character-type figures I'm getting with the packs from Copplestone...

      But yeah still, the Copplestone 15mm Fantasy range is not the cheapest 15mm out there - avg. £6.75 for 12 figures, compared with £2.60 for 8 figures from Peter Pig for instance.

      However, with time, space, & financial constraints pressing on me, I've gone with the 15mm option. There's no doubting the quality of the GW sculpts & all the accessories you get with the sprues, but then I've never been as into to Warhammer miniatures as I am with W40K ones, so the reduced detail on the models won't lessen my enjoyment of Warhammer Quest.

  2. Hi PC I'm enjoying the blog and your various projects and just getting back into WHQ myself. Due to the cost of the original game pieces now (my box has a lot broken/missing) and a lack of table space / need for bigger dungeons, I'm looking at recreating it in 15mm as well, with my own monsters, cards, etc. Your terrain looks great and I like the way the 15mm miniatures have room when placed next to each other to accommodate larger monsters when necessary. Can you remember the scale of each individual square tile, looks possibly like 20mm? (Sorry, I know it's been a while since you originally posted this, but I've only just come across it whilst searching for WHQ inspiration). My plan is to do it in mdf with individual tiles glued on top of a larger piece. Thanks again for the inspiration!

    1. Hi, Jigby. Glad my blog has been of interest to you. The squares on my 15mm-scale WQ tiles are 25x25mm. This is so that I could mount my larger monsters like trolls on 2p coins, with normal figures being on 1p coins, & both sizes can fit in a square.

    2. That's great thanks, like the idea of basing on coins as well - I'll see how I go on!