Saturday, 29 September 2012

15mm Warhammer Quest part 2

My Copplestone Castings fantasy figures for my 15mm Warhammer Quest project arrived, & I have to say the quality is brilliant.  The poses are dynamic, the detail is very good, & there were only minimal mould lines/flash to clean up.  They are 'heroic' 15mm scale- that is to say the humans are about 17mm tall (but then they are barbarians!), & the Dwarves are about 14/15mm high, but I've allowed for a bit of scale creep in the 3D dungeon sections that I've been making.  I've concentrated on making the corridors & basic rooms so far, & plan to do the texturing & painting & other fancy details when I've got the set together- though I may get bored & dive into this fun stuff sooner!  Below is the 1st of the dungeon rooms, to represent the Torture Chamber card:

If my skills are up to it, I plan to add racks & possibly a crucifix-type-thing to make it more specific in appearance.  & of course plenty of bloodstains!  Chains may prove too challenging at 15mm scale, but ropes should be easier.  Any suggestions welcome!


  1. Cheers! If I can get a move on I should have more interesting actually painted sections up :-s