Saturday, 27 October 2012

Middle East buildings 9 (FoF)

I made a couple of ruined adobe buildings for 15mm Force on Force this week.  They are constructed from foamboard as usual, but with polystyrene chunks to bulk up the rubble before I added all-purpose filler, small blocks of foamboard, & sand for texture.  I've painted them up as burnt-out to indicate artillery bombardment or airstrike, rather than having them as simply being old buildings that have collapsed through shoddy construction & lack of maintenance.  Below is an IDF fireteam retreating through the ruins:

This week I also finally got round to ordering pretty much everything I'll need to play US Army / Rangers / Marines / Delta Force in missions from the Day of the Rangers (Somalia 1993) & Road to Baghdad (Iraq 2003) sourcebooks, including various Humvees, but barring helos & MBTs.  I'm particularly looking forward to playing the tense Mogadishu scenarios.

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