Sunday, 4 November 2012

Saddam Fedayeen (FoF)

This week I put together & painted some 15mm Saddam Fedayeen for Force on Force Road to Baghdad scenarios.  Having reconsidered branching out into Chechen rebels due to taking on too many projects with limited time, & the fact I wasn't happy with how the 1p base surface was 'glinting' through the earth & grass that I'd used, I repainted most of the Rebel Minis Fedayeen Soldiers that I'd used.  These Fedayeen don't have the infamous 'Vader' helmets, but I've seen photos of Saddam's paramilitary wearing black balaclavas like these too.  I plan to add some Peter Pig figures wearing caps with material covering their necks, which can easily be modified to look like the Vader helmets.

I also added a Peter Pig PLO sniper & a beret-wearing figure to represent a Ba'ath Party official.  For easy-ID on the tabletop, the Fedayeen with green headbands are the cell leaders, the ones wearing headscarves either have an RPK or a Dragunov rifle.


  1. That last picture is just before they're blasted by an AC-130.

  2. Yeah, it's actually just a wedding party.

  3. Ah, those crazy Fedayeen weddings. It's beautiful, really. When a man finds the perfect AK, and decides to settle down.

  4. "I now pronounce you Man & Weapon."