Monday, 26 November 2012

US Ranger force (FoF)

I spent a lot of time painting them up, but this weekend I finished my US Ranger force.  I'm quite pleased with the results, & these Peter Pig minis are particularly nicely sculpted.  After a bit of research into uniforms I went for 3-colour DCUs for the fatigues & helmet covers, with the Woodland pattern body armour.  Although technically during the Somalia intervention in 1993 the Rangers had the older (as seen in the Gulf War) 'chocolate chip' pattern helmet covers, this means I can use these figures for Day of the Rangers games right up to Road to Baghdad (2003), where they can be used as Rangers, USMC or US Army soldiers.  This force covers what is needed for the 'Objective Badger' mission from Road to Baghdad, where Rangers are providing a cordon around the Al Qadisiyah Research Centre whilst operatives fruitlessly search for evidence of WMDs:

After reading lots of online tips for painting modern 15mm figures, I opted for brighter tones rather than sticking slavishly to tonal accuracy - at this scale when you are looking over a table of 15mm figures, the effect seems better.  Below is the Combat Controller, the GPMG team & the sniper team:

...& here are some more photos showing the Ranger chalks:

Each chalk has a leader & 2 fireteams, each with a SAW, an M16 with underslung grenade launcher, plus a soldier carrying an AT-4 launcher.


  1. hence the saying "as useful as a chocolate chip helmet in the desert."

  2. Great stuff! I've got a force of these too, originally bought for Ambush Alley, but used increasingly for Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction rules. I love Peter Pig's stuff, which I think are among the very best 15mm figures available ;)

    1. Cheers. I agree, Peter Pig's minis are fantastic! Got a convoy of Humvees to put together now...