Monday, 23 December 2013

Possible miniatures for Tomorrow's War

I thought I'd do a list of miniatures that I have in mind to represent the units in the Tomorrow's War setting that my friend Tim & I are developing.  There are two factions - the expeditionary forces of Earth, primarily consisting of the Unified Marine Corps; & the disparate but increasingly high-tech colonial forces, who rely more on android & mecha units.  Items in orange below are things that I have already bought:

(Earth) Unified Marine Corps

Colonials (early war)
 Colonials (later war)
...Basically I'm thinking of a harder-edged, functional look for the UMC, & a more rounded, hi-tech appearance for the colonials.  If anyone knows of any other good minis along these lines, please suggest them, thanks!


  1. From a game perspective I can see a few things missing, in order of importance:

    - infantry support weapons
    - human-sized gunbots. Most of the bot models look a little large to be something that could be integral to an infantry squad. Not sure what models are out there that do fit this bill (I don’t remember what examples are in the TW book). If there isn’t anything good available, this isn’t essential.
    - powered armour.

    The one model choice I’m not sure about are the ‘regular’ colonial militia. These guys are the most conventional of the Colonial forces, so should have a fairly conventional military look. Those models would be good for some other Colonial units though, like scratch militia.

  2. I see that Rebel minis do a few support weapons for the earth marines, so that helps.

  3. Infantry support weapons (GPMGs & ATGMs, & sniper rifles at least) I have covered, for the UMC, the Colonial Militia, & the Combat Androids from Rebel Minis.

    Yeah, powered armour should definitely be on the list, & there's a lot of figures out there.

    You're right about the MAWPs generally being a bit on the large side to be squad-integral, but the 2nd link under "UMC infantry support drones" seem to be roughly human-sized I think.

    I agree, the 'Sahadeen' figures will be better as scratch militia. Since I realised they'd be good as Chaos Cultists in 15mm W40K (& with these other Rebel Minis figs looking like Inquisitional Stormtroopers: , I had been thinking to start yet another collection, & save them for that...