Sunday, 22 December 2013

Trial UMC camouflague (TW)

I recently posted several pieces on the extraterrestrial jungle scenery that I've been putting together for Tomorrow's War.  Today I've been trialing a possible camo scheme for the UMC (Unified Marine Corps) infantry that will feature in this setting.  These soldiers will be part of an expeditionary force from Earth who are battling the more advanced but initially factious separatist forces in the jungles of a colony world.

The models are Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines.  I've used Citadel Paints.  I'm fairly pleased with the palette of colours - a base of Camo Green, with a Flesh Wash for depth & lightened Camo Green highlights.  On top of this I've painted a traditional 'jungle pattern' using Dark Angels Green & Liche Purple (the plants in this jungle are quite garish).  The webbing & backpacks are Dark Angels Green.  The visors will have an orange 'jewel effect' once finished.

The figure on the the left has his helmet & armour in the base green, & the one on the right has camo all over.  I think the left one looks unfinished like this, & as I will be using high contrast between armour & undersuits/mechanisms on the colonial forces, I think I should go with the right-hand approach. However, I think this scheme can be improved - perhaps with a larger, more angular pattern, to reflect the oversized foliage of the scenery?  Any suggestions & ideas welcome, thanks!


  1. I'm not sure the guy on the left looks unfinished, he just looks like he's been issued a more generic uniform. You may be right that a larger, more angular camo would look better, but I'd be a little worried that it could work too well as camouflage and break up the detail of the model too much.

  2. I think you're probably right about blocky camo on infantry figures - especially at 15mm scale! A jagged block scheme might look good on the vehicles though. I will try making the above infantry scheme a bit more bold-strokes-based instead.

    Also, although the red/orange visors will be in-keeping with the colours of the alien jungle, somehow it seems a little too far-out to me. I will try a more 'realistic' grey jewel effect, to represent transparent/opaque visors instead, & keep the palette more limited.