Saturday, 9 November 2013

Iraqi T-55 (FoF)

Back to Force on Force - here is my T-55 with crew, to support my Iraqi platoon.  Not a very exciting paint scheme as I went with the basic bone-white desert hue seen on many Iraqi vehicles at the time.  I haven't yet tried any conversions on 15mm scale models, but ideally I would like to convert this T-55 with the characteristic side armour & turret plates of the Iraqi 'Enigma' T-55.

The tank & figures are from Peter Pig's excellent AK 47 Republic range.  I want my mixed regulars & Saddam fedayeen Iraqi force to look suitably ill-equipped & a little ad-hoc, so I left the fuel tanks off this T-55 & fitted the unditching beam in their place.  I purchased this tank a while ago, before Peter Pig added a turret MG & hatch crewmen to the pack, but I may add an MG if I can get hold of a DShK.

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