Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Burnt-out chem tank (W40K)

A quick & easy terrain piece for Necromunda / 'Inquisimunda' this week - a burnt-out chem tank.  I made this using a miniature framed whiteboard as the base (with the nice 'grille texture' reverse side as metal flooring), & a sliced-up spicy-shelled peanuts snack pot & foil roll tube as the chem tank & pipe.  Jagged sections of the pot, filler, snippets of cocktail stick, Gale Force Nine rubble pieces, & sand provided the patches of scattered debris.  I painted the assembled piece to try & make it look like the chem tank was engulfed in a fire, or exploded.  Fairly pleased with this as a simple ground level piece for Necromunda.  The blast holes mean that models can move through an otherwise LOS-blocking piece, & the open top allows vertical gunfire (plus easy placement of figures!).

When I'm in a lazy painting mood, I really enjoy doing wrecked, ruined, & weathered stuff - with minimal effort you can get quite atmospheric results.  Here are some detail views: